Friday, March 20, 2009

MLB predictions

Today is the first day for spring, and nothing says spring more than baseball so here are my 2009 MLB predictions.


  1. Red Sox: The Red Sox are awesome if you don't like the Red Sox go eat a bag of dicks
  2. Rays: They killed Steve Irwin so they can go fuck themselves.
  3. Yankees: They have Gay-Rod, nuff said.
  4. Orioles: There owner is a Douchebag.
  5. Blue Jays: This is baseball not hockey

  1. White Sox: At least they have Sox in their name.
  2. Twins: When I think of twins I think of boobs, so they're cool.
  3. Indians:Cliff Lee ain't saving your ass this year.
  4. Royals: There always fucking losing, I can relate.
  5. Tigers: Can wait to see what young pitcher they will destroy this year. Cocksuckers.

  1. A's: Every one on the team except Nomar has bad hygiene, this works in my book.
  2. Angels: How many times can these nut jugglers lose to the Red Sox in the playoffs.
  3. Texas: Call back when you get some pitching
  4. Seattle: There worse than a crusty vagina
  1. Braves: Manager was born same time the dinosaurs became extinct.
  2. Mets: Can't wait to see these losers blow it in the last week of the season
  3. Phillies: Get over yourselves, you ain't winning this shit this year.
  4. Nationals: Why aren't they called the DC Nationals?
  5. Florida: I can count their fans on one hand.

  1. Cardinals: Poo-Holes is really all anybody needs.
  2. Cubs: Perennial losers
  3. Reds: How bout some fucking pitching?
  4. Brewers: Hey at least they have the sausage races.
  5. Pirates: Somalia pirates have a better chance at the world series.
  6. Astros: Is anything in Texas beside the women that is good?

  1. Dimondbacks: They suck balls, but they will will the division.
  2. Dodgers: Manny is going to bend you over.
  3. Giants: Hey the good news is that you won't blow as much as you did last year.
  4. Rockies: Fans should only go to the games for the Coors Light.
  5. Padres: There is about as good as week old throw up on your carpet.

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