Friday, March 5, 2010

I should start blogging again?

Seriously I should. Am I nuts, probably. Did people read my blog, um maybe. I saw theLucky quoted on other sites, so some freaks out there dug it I guess. Do I have time to blog anymore, no. Even though I love to talk about bigfoot, sharks, and things that annoy me I really just don't have the passion anymore.

Writing a blog entry is one thing, and that is one reason why I started a blog. Because I was and still am a horribly writer, but I just don't have the time anymore to search the web for useless or cool shit. I am sure if I didn't have a job I would pick it back up. And that is why I originally started the blog, was to rebel against my job.

I promised myself that if I ever got a another job, I would give up theLucky and that is exactly what happened. So even now that I don't blog, I still miss theLucky. Its part of me, and what is here, is what I believe. So I wish someday things will come together and I can get theLucky back up. But not anytime soon.....