Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Picture of the day

I had to do a double take on the picture of Tom Brady on today. I have never seen him look so goofy before. Maybe Cassel's success has taken some of his mojo.

Penguin 1 Killer whale 0

Everybody knows that if a bear attacks you, you play dead. If a killer whale attacks then you just act like a human.


Turkey day

Well its almost Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays after the 4th of July and Cinco de Mayo. What's not to like, you eat a lot and watch football. It is also the one time of the year that I spend a lot time with my family, which is good. I don't see them enough.

However, I am one of those suckers that will be traveling tonight. I have a flight to Newark tonight. At one point in time I have flown into all the New York metro airports on the eve of Thanksgiving. Its just a shit show. Just way too many planes landing and taking off. Last year I sat on the tarmac for an hour and half staring at my arrival gate. There was just so many airplanes on the runway we couldn't taxi. You have no idea how frustrating it is to stare at your gate form a 100 yards away, and there is nothing you can do. Plus trying to explain this to my dad, who can't comprehend why the plane can't just pull right up.

But before I can leave I need to finish a shit load of work. Technically my work calendar year ends on December 2nd. Which makes no sense, because it began somewhere in the middle of January. So there is about a month and half from December to January where time doesn't exist. I'm bringing this up in the next meeting, because I hate illogical things.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is this really America?

40,000 Swarm Farm To Gather Free Food

PLATTEVILLE, Colo. -- A farm couple got a huge surprise when they opened their fields to anyone who wanted to pick up free vegetables left over after the harvest -- 40,000 people showed up.

Joe and Chris Miller's fields were picked so clean Saturday that a second day of gleaning -- the ancient practice of picking up leftover food in farm fields -- was canceled Sunday. " 'Overwhelmed' is putting it mildly," Chris Miller said. "People obviously need food."

She said she expected 5,000 to 10,000 people to show up Saturday to collect free potatoes, carrots and leeks. Instead, an estimated 11,000 vehicles snaked around cornfields and backed up more than two miles. About 30 acres of the 600-acre farm 37 miles north of Denver became a parking lot.

Miller said they opened the farm to the free public harvest after hearing reports of food being stolen from churches. It was meant as a thank-you for customers.

I'm sort-of in shock over this. This country is in such bad shape that 40,000 people drove out to a farm to pick potatoes, carrots, and leeks. I don't even know what a leek is? It doesn't sound tasty at all. America is not Russia or some Eastern block country. 40,000 people should not be lining up for free food. What is next, waiting in line for bread?

America is crumbling under the weight of the 1% of the population that controls the country's wealth. I commend the Miller family for doing such a noble thing.

More proof that facebook is evil

Saw this on this morning.

Facebook broke my heart

Kristin O'Neill blames Facebook for her recent breakup. O'Neill, a financial worker from Quincy, created an account on this year after hearing about the social networking site's popularity from her boyfriend and friends. What she found on the site was the stuff of a bad Lifetime channel movie: Her guy had created two separate profiles. He posted salacious comments on other women's photos, and he claimed he was in an open relationship. With printouts of his photo comments, O'Neill confronted her boyfriend of two years. He confessed. She dumped him.

O'Neill, 25, has experienced firsthand Facebook's power to sour relationships. "It can be misused and abused," she said. "It's an easy way for guys to try and not get caught. Girls too. It gives motive to snoop. It's just awful."

Facebook has introduced millions of people to new friends online and expanded social circles. But the site is also creating new social dilemmas for couples: What do you do when an old flame finds you on the site and requests to be friends? How does that sudden blast from the past affect your current relationship? Do tensions arise when you see an old boyfriend or girlfriend or an unfamiliar face listed among your significant other's friends?

The topic is gaining currency as former high school classmates, college crushes, and exes increasingly rediscover each other online. As Facebook mushrooms in popularity - there are now 120 million active users - so has the number of these instant reunions, which are causing headaches and annoyances for couples.

For some people, learning that a partner is chatting with former love interests is too close for comfort. With its awkward intersection of the present and the past, Facebook has become a third wheel to real-world relationships.

"It's easier to find people," said Charles Lindholm, professor of anthropology at Boston University, where he teaches a class on romance. "You can have these extensive networks that you didn't have in the past. When your old girlfriend in high school can look you up and start a conversation with you, it might be from a distance but it is still a conversation. It's part of a larger thing, the networking of the middle-class world."

These Facebook flirtations are stirring debates online. At least a dozen discussion groups on the site and on personal blogs deal with the topic. Message boards declare: "Facebook Ruins Relationships." In one forum, a member confessed: "A three-year relationship ruined . . . if it weren't for Facebook, I would have never known he was sneaking around with other girls. . . . It's pretty much the new form of cheating."

So this sounds like a no-brainier, facebook is bad for relationships. The guy in the story has to be the biggest idiot. He has two accounts and probably used his exact name on both accounts. Next time he will learn that you need to get a alias for that second account.

Just a quick facebook check and I got 440 results for Ron Mexico. That is how it is done people.

When will people learn that facebook is evil? Just recently that hottie Pats cheerleader was fired because of facebook photos. It also pretty much facilitates cyber stalking, and it creates a profile of you.

I don't think people get it. Every time you join a cause, take a survey, or just fill out any information about yourself, all that information creates a data chuck about you. Then that data can be accessed by the government, political parties, or really anyone. I neatly laid out how it works HERE.

Monday, November 24, 2008

More stupid animals eating balls

If the catfish with a ball stuck in its mouth wasn't enough, here is a snake that ate 4 golf balls.

Palin wishes you a happy Thanksgiving

Look I have nothing against killing turkeys for food. But a political figure running for Vice-President shouldn't be doing a interview while some redneck is killing a turkey in the background. Was he killing the bird? I have no idea, it could have been dead already. He was defiantly doing something with bird, because he had a stupid grin on his face.

Not the best move on Palin, good thing she lost.

Warning video includes rednecks with farm animals.

Picture of the day

I once saw a frog try and eat a wiffle ball. That was pretty cool, but not a cool as a catfish with a ball stuck in its mouth. I am glad it has a happy ending.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Pope needs a bitch slap!

Pope Had `Prophecy' of Market Collapse in 1985, Tremonti Says

Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Pope Benedict XVI was the first to predict the crisis in the global financial system, a ``prophecy'' dating to a paper he wrote when he was a cardinal, Italian Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti said.

``The prediction that an undisciplined economy would collapse by its own rules can be found'' in an article written by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became pope in April 2005, Tremonti said yesterday at Milan's Cattolica University.

German-born Ratzinger in 1985 presented a paper entitled ``Market Economy and Ethics'' at a Rome event dedicated to the Church and the economy. The future pope said a decline in ethics ``can actually cause the laws of the market to collapse.''

Pope Benedict in an Oct. 7 speech reflected on crashing markets and concluded that ``money vanishes, it is nothing'' and warned that ``the only solid reality is the word of God.''

The Vatican's official newspaper, l'Osservatore Romano, on the same day criticized the free-market model for having ``grown too much and badly in the past two decades.''

The Pope is a punk ass bitch! I don't try and pretend that I know anything about banking and investments. But it was easy to predict the market crash using the Reinhardt method. Pretty much the reason why the markets crash is because Catholic business leaders funnel money through the Vatican.

I was so certain of the method is that I can out predicted the exact date of the market crash, because of their Catholic pilmigrage. The next time the market is going to take a hit is when they meet again, and funnel more money through the Vatican. Which will happen right around February 9th of 2009. Since they are meeting on Feb 5-7.

So spare me the drama Pope Benedict, your a scumbag that didn't predict anything. You knew this was going to happen and I so did I.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I may be losing my mind, I think the Bengals might cover tonight

I have been super busy lately, but that not what this post is about. You can read the last post. I think me being so busy has started affecting my betting mind. I'm taking the Bengals tonight getting 11.5 points. Yes, I even know that Ocho Stupido has been suspended for tonight's game for over sleeping.

This season betting on the Bengals is like throwing money on double zero on a roulette table. You know its not going to hit, but when it does people look at you like you just pulled some Cris Angel shit on them.

So I am taking the Bengals tonight. Mostly because I just can't root for the Steelers. Not really because I hate the Steelers. Well I actually I do hate the Steelers players, but there fans are dicks. And that is coming from a dick Red Sox fan.

So the Bengals at +11.5, you can laugh at me tomorrow. I am praying for white out conditions in Pittsburgh tonight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blog update

Well my blog has sort of has been sucking lately, and it may continue for a little while longer too. I have been swamped recently and just haven't had time to write anything. I have been busy studying for a exam I have to take. I am really busy at work. I am normally fairly busy, but now that 2008 is coming to the end I need to finish all my yearly projects. Which being a procrastinator, I have waited for the last minute. And when I do manage free time, I have been wasting it on video games. In a few weeks it will all be over I and can get back to business as normal.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Should I join a bowling league?

So last night I had a work function that involved bowling. It was one of those team building deals. I mostly went because it was open bar for two hours, but also bowling is a lot of fun. I was never really that good at bowling, but yesterday for some reason I rocked. Normally if I hit 120 that is a good score for me. But yesterday I was rocking in the 175 range all night. I'm thinking I may be a natural at this sport. Maybe I should quit my job and practice bowling for a little while and possibly join the Pro Bowling Tour. The only problem with that is pro bowlers seems to bowl a lot at 1pm on Sundays. And that is the same time that NFL football starts, so that may be a problem in my life. But bowling alleys should have TV sets?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

California earthquake drill is today, is the big one coming soon?

California starring in massive earthquake drill

LOS ANGELES – California will star Thursday in a mock earthquake disaster drill — considered the largest in U.S. history — with some 5 million people pledging to do everything from ducking for cover to rescuing faux victims.

The exercise centers on a hypothetical magnitude-7.8 earthquake that unzips the southern San Andreas Fault — an event that scientists call the feared "Big One." Such a quake would cause 1,800 deaths and $200 billion in damage, researchers estimate.

The state's previous simulated quake catastrophes were smaller in scale with the leading actors mainly first responders and cities testing their emergency preparedness. Thursday's drill is more of an ensemble cast with governments, schools, hospitals, churches, businesses and residents promising to do their part.

"We're trying to make it a communal event," said U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones, who spent the past year organizing the drill.

California is the most seismically active state in the Lower 48. Earlier this year, the USGS calculated the state faces a 46 percent chance of being hit by a 7.5 or larger quake in the next 30 years with the epicenter likely in Southern California.

I find the timing of this to be very eerie. This reminds me of the Pentagon running simulated drills of a commerical plane striking the building a day before September 11. In the past I have shown that computer models can forecast disasters. Well these same models are saying that some where on earth we are due for a major natural disaster. Most likely a earth quake. And it will probably happen in the second week of December, right around December 10th. Both Web bot and time zero are saying that something big and bad is coming soon. Does the US Government think it is coming too? Is that the reason why they are running this drill? Maybe, but I hope I am wrong.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Women injects cooking oil into her face

Cosmetic surgery addict injected cooking oil into her own face

A Korean woman addicted to plastic surgery has been left unrecognisable after her obsession led her to inject cooking oil into her face.

Telegraph--Hang Mioku, now 48, had her first plastic surgery procedure when she was 28; hooked from the beginning she moved to Japan where she had further operations - mostly to her face.

Following operation after operation, her face was eventually left enlarged and disfigured, but she would still look at herself in the mirror and think she was beautiful.

Eventually the surgeons she visited refused to carry out any more work on her and one suggested that her obsession could be a sign of a psychological disorder.

When she returned home to Korea the surgery meant Hang's features had changed so much that her own parents didn't recognise her.

After realising that the girl with the grossly swollen face was indeed their daughter her horrified parents took her to a doctor. Once again the possibility that Hang had a mental disorder was raised and she started treatment.

However, this treatment was too expensive for her to keep up and she soon fell back into old ways.

Amazingly, she found a doctor who was willing to give her silicone injects and, what's more, he then gave her a syringe and silicone of her own so she could self-inject.

When her supply of silicone ran out Hang resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face.

Her face became so grotesquely large that she was called "standing fan" by children in her neighbourhood - due to her large face and small body.

As Hang's notoriety spread she was featured on Korean TV. Viewers seeing the report took mercy on her and sent in enough donations to enable her to have surgery to reduce the size of her face.

During the first procedure surgeons removed 60g of foreign substance from Hang's face and 200g from her neck.

After several other sessions her face was left greatly reduced but still scarred and disfigured.

Here is a situation that I don't know if I should feel compassion since this women has a mental disorder, or make fun of her because she looks like a monster. Hmmm... these are the tough decision in my life.

So here are some random pictures, can you tell the difference between a ugly monster and someone that had too much plastic surgery?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Russians lose church, as in lose I mean it was there one day gone the next

Clergyman says church has vanished

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A church has vanished from the Russian village where it stood for almost 200 years, the local diocese said Tuesday.

The Church of Christ's Resurrection, in the central Russian village of Komarovo, was built in 1809 but in early October someone took it away brick by brick, Father Vitaly a spokesman for the local Russian Orthodox Church, told Reuters.

"We have sent a letter to local prosecutors," he said. "Who exactly did this, the investigation will show."

I haven't seen anything this stupid since my last post about french toast. Ok, not really. But this is up there with losing a lighthouse.

I understand that people in Russia like to drink a lot. But you really have to be drunk to lose a church. The Russian people already lost a lake a few years ago. I think Russia is the location where David Copperfield goes to practice his new tricks. How else are buildings and watersheds just disappearing? Or maybe people were just drunk and there was no church.

Jesus spotting again, this time on french toast

Only in America can we continuously find wackos that always find religions figures in random stuff. This is not as bad as the Virgin Mary on the dirty glasses, but its up there.

This image looks nothing like Jesus. But a South Florida man does.

POMPANO BEACH, FL -- A south Florida man believes he's found Jesus at the breakfast table.

Troy Eckonen was eating breakfast at Mack's Cafe in Pompano Beach last Tuesday when he spotted Jesus' face on his last piece of French toast.

After studying the toast Eckonen says he and friends also see Christ's left arm raised and holding a cross, as well as two birds over the left shoulder.

If anything I think it looks a little like Fred Flintsone. This just proves that anyone that lives in Pompano Beach is a idiot.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lucky blogs that are not me

Every once in a while I forget the name of my blog so I try and google it. Obviously when searching for theLucky I hit the "feeling lucky button" on google. To my surprise not every time I land on my blog. Sometimes I get other "lucky" blogs.

So here is a list of the Lucky blogs that have no relations to theLucky.

The Lucky Druggie, not as cool as it sounds.

The Lucky Clucker, this one hurts my eyes to look at.

The Lucky Nest, just like my blog this blog makes no sense. I like it.

Lucky's Blog, needs some updates.

The Lucky Wife, please shoot me.

I am Lucky
, some sort of artiest blog.

I am Lucky, another one. Horrible, just a picture of a dog.

Late election results: Bacon beats Fries

It sounds like the type of debate that friends might have over dinner at a diner-which is better Bacon or Fries-well, voters in Northern Colorado got a chance to decide.
Senate District. As was the trend across the country, voters chose the Democrat from Fort Collins, electing Bacon over Fries, 63 percent to 37.

This seems like a no-brainier, bacon all day every day. I would imagine that Bacon schooled Fries in the male 18-59 age bracket. Fries might of had the advantage with the female vote, but minorities defiantly love Bacon.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Picture of the day

Drunk Aliens make bad crop circles.
Funny Pictures

Guy in a suit smoking a cigarette gets owned by fake horse

This is the video of the day. This guy just can't make it up on that horse. Guys like this give white people a bad rap. He has ZERO ups. Literally this guy can't jump more than 2 inches off the ground. I don't care if he is drunk, learn how to jump.

— City police are still searching for the vandals who knocked over a fiberglass horse while attempting to mount it early Sunday morning.

"We've had no new leads, but we have a couple of things we're looking into," said Sgt. John Catone. Police hope to gain leads from a videotape of the vandalism that was released to the media.

Other vandals, who were never caught, broke the leg of TR the Realtor, a fiberglass horse owned by Roohan Realty on Broadway, over the summer.

The videotape came from a surveillance camera installed on the building by Roohan Realty after repeated damage to the statue.

Well I fixed my blog

Everything seems back to normal. No more posts on the left or on the bottom. The problem was the cancer post. Which I was forced to delete because of a nice email from their legal team. I am guessing its a fraud or maybe society isn't ready yet for a cure for cancer. How else are hospitals and big pharmaceuticals going to make money?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where is Joe the Plumber?

McCain doesn't know either.

Obama Wins!

So I spend a lot of time bashing Americans for being dumb and arrogant. No way did I think they would ever elect a black man. I thought there was too much hate still left in this country, but I guess I was wrong.

Good for America. Maybe its not doomed as I thought. But time will tell.

I did get a kick out of Fox News last night. Every time McCain won a state is was a huge bulletin across the screen, when Obama won a state they quickly flashed it on the bottom. Also every time they showed the results from Arizona when Obama was leading the state, it went so quick I needed to rewind and pause it just to make sure that they were actually showing the numbers. Fox News knew if McCain lost Arizona it might as well be over from the beginning.

One more thing about last night. The new first lady dress was horrible last night. It looks like one of those dye packages from a bank robbery exploded on it. Maybe she can borrow some of Palin's clothes.

I guess you have to be a nun to be a Patriots cheerleader

I am still trying to find out why my blog is all F'ed up. But in the mean time, apparently the Patriots kicked a cheerleader off their squad because she drew all over a passed out person. I see nothing wrong about drawing "I love cock" on someone passed out. This chick is hot and will be tough shoes to fill.

Boston Herald--An 18-year-old New England Patriots [team stats] cheerleader was booted off the squad yesterday after pictures from Facebook surfaced that showed the Sharpie-packing pompom queen posing over a passed-out pal who has naughty words, pictures - and two swastikas - scrawled all over his face, arms and back.

Caitlin Davis and an unidentified pal appear to be writing on the unconscious prank victim and the words “penis,” ‘I’m a Jew’ and a pair of swastikas are clearly visible on his face, neck, arms and torso.

There are also a couple of pictures of the aforementioned male paraphernalia along with a list of words commonly used to describe that anatomical accoutrement. In fact, the gals’ slumbering buddy has the entire upper half of his body covered in graffiti, apparently applied while he, er, snoozed.“She is no longer with the squad,” Pats spokesman Stacey James told us.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is it me or did my last post give my blog cancer?

My screen looks like its all F'ed up. Why is half of my cure for cancer post on the right?

Day of the sheep

Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Party?

Do people actually go and party on election night? I think I got a election party invite a while back, but I didn't even think twice about going. Its on a Tuesday night. I don't need to be going out drinking on a Tuesday night. I am not a spring chicken anymore, I can't just pop up with a hangover and be ready for a full day at work. I also can not think of anything more boring than waiting for polling stations to close. Have you ever seen the people that work at polling stations? They're old. Its like they recruit at nursing homes, no wonder why they can't seem to close. has a election party guide today. And at the end of it they had a poll, and I was shocked to see that 48% of the people said that they are going to a election party.

Am I missing out on a great party day? Could election day take the place of Cinco de Mayo? I doubt it. Until I hear about something great that happens at a election party I will pass.

Tomorrow night may be the day that I watch all the new episodes of the Hills that I have on my DVR.

Bridgewater Triangle

Well, I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Looking at people's pictures from Halloween, I am a little jealous that I didn't do anything. But it's that Halloween 8 ball that I am stuck behind. I never know when a gang of stripe shirts dudes will hop out and try and rearrange my perfect teeth.
I never got a chance on Halloween to go into the Bridgewater Triangle. Most people only know Bridgewater because of its college, Bridgewater State. And its most famous graduate Jeff Corwin.
But Bridgewater is a hot spot for paranormal activity. There are reports of ghosts, ufos, and strange creatures all from a area know as the Bridgewater Triangle or the Hockomock Swamp.
The Bridgewater Triangle covers a area about 200 square miles, and the Hockomock Swamp is the center of the activity. The first stories from the area date back to the Native Americans. The Native Americans believe that the swamp has inhabited by giant vicious dogs with red eyes (skinwalkers?), large flying creatures that resembles pterodactyl, large hairy half man half ape beasts. They also encounter many strangle glowing lights.

The first documented case by the settlers occurred in 1760 when witness reported seeing a "sphere of fire" in the sky. Sighting such as seeing strange glowing lights in the sky still are reported today.

A lot of the reported sightings have been from a bigfoot type of creature. Probably the most impressive story is that in 1970 two police officers were sitting in there cruiser when a large creature picked up the back of their car and put it back down and ran off. The police described the creature as a bear type of animal, yet no bear was ever found.

Large bipedal creatures were reported all through out the area in the 70's and 80's.

Archaeologists found a 8000 year old burial ground on Grassy Island in the Hockomock Swamp. When the graves were opened the red ochre within the tombs allegedly bubbled and dissolved mystery. The pictures taken of this event failed to develop.

Another common occurrence in the Bridgewater Triangle is cattle mutilations. Most people just assumed that the mutilations must have been the work of some cult. However, no evidence of cult activity was ever found.

So what's the deal with the Bridgewater Triangle? Ufo's, ghosts, bigfoots all seem to inhabit this area, so what is it? There are some places in this world that are natural energy spots. The gravitational force is different there. Most likely because of some strong electromagnetic source inside the earth. These areas are nothing more than a doorway or gate from our dimension to where ever these things are coming from.

We lie in what we call the third dimension. There are many other dimensions out there. I think there are 12, but possibly a 13th is forming due to the collapsing of the lower ones. (this is for another day) I think that the Bridgewater Triangle is one of these spots. A spot in the world where things can pass into our reality.

But what is a greater mystery then the Bridgewater Triangle, is what happened to me the last time I went to Bridgewater. It was about 8 years ago, and on a cold night I attended my friends party. It was just a normal house party, but something really strange happened to me.

I was fine for the first hour of the party, and the next thing I know (actually I had no idea) I was completely blacked out. Like falling down on my face blacked out. I was fine, then all of a sudden I don't remember anything.

Some people that was there thought the chicks that were throwing the party put some date rape drug in my drink. But I am much more cuter, charming, and funnier awake, then when I am passed out drooling on myself. So I don't think that was it. I've also had a spiked drink in the past so I know how it feels.

Could it be that I was having some paranormal effect to the Bridgewater Triangle? Probably not. I don't think it was possible for me to have enough booze in a hour to get me to the state that I was in. But something did happen to me, and I will just chalk it up to some chemical in balance that I had in my system that day.