Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Maddness

Who you got in left in your bracket? Good stuff.

Tech Crunch-Any college basketball fans who’ve been watching the bank failures and consolidations recently will understand and appreciate this September Madness chart. This was reportedly created by a general partner at Sansome Partners named Mark Slavonia.

I wonder if the U.S. Congress will make it to the Final Four. Click for larger view

The Montauk Project

So I saw this in Time Magazine recently.

The Army's Totally Serious Mind-Control Project

Soldiers barking orders at each other is so 20th Century. That's why the U.S. Army has just awarded a $4 million contract to begin developing "thought helmets" that would harness silent brain waves for secure communication among troops. Ultimately, the Army hopes the project will "lead to direct mental control of military systems by thought alone."
If this sounds insane, it would have been as recently as a few years ago. But improvements in computing power and a better understanding of how the brain works have scientists busy hunting for the distinctive neural fingerprints that flash through a brain when a person is talking to himself. The Army's initial goal is to capture those brain waves with incredibly sophisticated software that then translates the waves into audible radio messages for other troops in the field. "It'd be radio without a microphone, " says Dr. Elmar Schmeisser, the Army neuroscientist overseeing the program. "Because soldiers are already trained to talk in clean, clear and formulaic ways, it would be a very small step to have them think that way."

This isn't the first time the military has explored mind control, in fact its been around for a while. We all remember this guy. The strange thing that has washed on the beach in Montauk still (to the best of my knowledge) has not been identified.
My last updated about the strange thing was relating how close Plum Island Disease Research Facility is to Montauk. I sort of hinted that Montauk had a shady past, and what washed up could have been a result of its past. This Time Magazine story gives me a prefect chance to discuss what really went on at Montauk, and the military's advances in mind control. (I sped up the press of this because of new thing that washed up, see last post)

It begins back in the 40's, actually really in 1880's by a man you probably heard named Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a pioneer in electromagnetic engineering. The US military was very interested in Tesla work. In 1943 the military recruited Tesla for work on Project Rainbow. You may be more familiar with the code name Philadelphia Experiment.

The goal of Project Rainbow was to use Tesla electromagnetic principals to create a strong magnetic field around an object making it invisible. How this works is a process called degaussing. By running a charge around something metal you will cancel out the metal's magnetic field, in theory making it invisible.

Official Navy records state that in 1943 the USS Eldridge took part in an experiment that involved wrapping wire around the hull of the ship to try and make it non magnetic. Records state that this was a attempt to make ships invisible to mines, but not to radar, and not to be invisible. The report also states that nothing out of the ordinary happened.
Small scale test proved that this would work, not only working but making the things invisible. At some point Tesla had a disagreement with the Navy, and backed out of the Project. I believe Tesla knew the consequences of what they were trying to do and purposely tried to sabotage the project. Without Tesla the Navy pushed forward on Project Rainbow.

When the Philadelphia Experiment was actually run, it was not suppose to be a planned experiment. Something went wrong. It happened in front of many witnesses, and it happened when people were on board.

In a sense the Experiment was a success, the USS Eldridge disappeared completely! Invisible to not only radar, but it was simply not there anymore. Once the generators were turned off the ship reappeared. But no one was ready for what happened to the crew.

Most of the crew were driving into insanity, mostly because of the strong electromagnetic fields. Some had worse consequences. Anyone that was moving when the generators were turned on fused with solid objects on the ships. Some even after they were off the ship would just become invisible and shortly reappear.

These horrible side effects is what Tesla feared, and because of these side effects Project Rainbow was terminated. This technology sat on the shelf for decades.

How does Montauk play into Project Rainbow? As years past we understood the human body better. The body and mostly the brain works on electrical charges. The military knew this and used the same principals in the Philadelphia Experiment and applied it to humans.

The military needed a base for these experiments which was also call Phoenix Project. They selected a abandoned Air Force radar base in Montauk NY, called Camp Hero. Camp Hero was closed around 1970 because it was originally used in WW1 and was obsolete. The Montauk Project used this base until 1983.
The project begun in the early 70's and the main targets were physically gifted (or sensitive) people. What they soon realized is that by using the base's radar tower and by blasting huge amounts of energy at a single person they were able to manipulate someones mind. By changing frequency or wave length they could control that persons thoughts.

This is where things start getting a little weird. During the experiments some of the physically gifted would focus on a thought, anything from a object to a place. Objects that were the gifted 'thoughts' started appearing or the participant would disappear, only to reappear in a different part of the base. So if one of the gifted thought about a TV set while during an experiment, a TV set would appear. No necessary immediately, but sometimes hours later.

This became a great discovery, what they realized is that they were altering time. What people don't get is that time is not a constant. It can be manipulated. It can be sped up or slowed down, I am not sure if it can be stopped. Astronauts age differently in space than they do on earth. The further you are from a gravitational field the slower time is. In theory if you can create a electromagnetic field that can alter gravity you can cheat time.

As the project became more advanced and the physically gifted honed their skills. They started to be able to open vortexes into time. Maybe better described as a worm hole or a time tunnel. Once these vortexes were opened, the correct frequency was stored in large powerful computers. At that time these were the most powerful computers in the world. Remember the earth's frequency is 7.83 hertz, which is dictated by the speed of light.

Dr. Bob Beck's research
in the 1970's found that physically gifted people that have claimed to have mental powers, their brain would generate at a frequency of 7.83 hertz. The same as the earths. This proved to be the key in opening up these 'doors.'

Through open these vortexes somewhere along the lines they became in contact with extra terrestials. And that aliens now became part of the Montauk Project. More specifically it was the Draco alien race, or more commonly know as the repetilians.

It was alien technology that allowed them to actually venture through time, and through space.

The climax of the Montauk Project happened on August 12, 1983. On this date the two projects, Rainbow and Montauk became intertwined into one. 40 years previous was when the date of the Philadelphia experiment. But in 1983 crew members of the USS Eldridge, such as Duncan Cameron (right) appeared at Camp Hero. Duncan was actually born Ed Cameron. They were station aboard the USS Eldridge at the time of the experiment and jumped over board when the experiment was being run. Expecting to hit water they instead landed in 1983.

Duncan became one of the participants in the experiments. And during one of these Duncan had a "time lock" mishap and began to age one year every hour that passed. The Montauk engineers went back to 1950 and convinced Duncan's original farther, Alexander Cameron to sire another son. We he did, they removed Duncan's soul and put it in the person known today as Duncan Cameron.

Soul removing is alien technology. Not ours. One of the main reason for alien abductions, but this is off topic.

People that worked within the project like Duncan and Preston Nichols (right) realized that internally they needed to pull the plug on the project. What Tesla feared years ago was coming true, man can not not alter the past. We have all seen the Back to the Future Movies, and from these you can get a good interpretation of the consequences that could happen if you start dicking around in the past.

What if we went back and changed what Jesus did? And what would happen if you ran into your self from the future? These were all dilemmas that people were facing. So the Montauk Project was going to be sabotage by the people with in.

The Project came to a complete stop when Duncan 'thought' of a monster, and it appeared on the base. The monster, which they called "Jr", was a bigfoot type of beast. My guess it was something like Sloth from the goonies. Well this thing wasn't happy, and wrecked havoc on the base. So the power was turned off and the projected was canceled.

The memories of all project members and participants were erased and false memories were implanted. Over time memories have been coming and people have been telling their stories.

A lot of this may seem 'out there', and I am not sure of all the facts in the case. But what I do know is:
  • That the Philadelphia experiment did happen, and the shipped disappeared.
  • The military explored mind control projects at Camp Here.
  • Time travel is real.
  • And strange creature keep washing up the shores around Montauk.

What I am really trying to put together if there a connection between opening possible vortexes in time, and strange animals creatures that are suddenly appearing on beaches around Montauk, and then disappearing. Could these be animals be part of what ended the Montauk Project? Could they be from a different time, or maybe from another planet? I don't know. And I am trying to figure it out.

Additional reading check out my man's William One Sac site.

Another strange animal washes up on shore.

Well this fellow washed up on shore in New London Connecitcut, and has no been identified.

Mysterious Creature Spotted In New London

Something odd washed ashore in New London this weekend and people are not quite sure what it is.

Some people think the carcass it that of a pig, some believe it is a sea turtle while others suspect it to be a raccoon.

Bobbette Clapsadle was walking along the beach with her family when she made the gross discovery. Her daughter snapped pictures.

"We weren't sure at first. It was kind of covered in grass (and) was in the weed line. My son saw it first and was like,'Look at that!' My husband walked over and said, 'Oh my God,'" Clapsadle said.

Visitors to Ocean Beach were equally perplexed.

By Monday, the creature’s body was nowhere to be found

(more pics inside the article)

Hmmm...Where have we seen this before. Maybe the Montauk Monster.
Now New London and Montauk are not far apart. We now have two strange unidentified animals that washed up on shores miles apart with in a few months of each other.
Funny how they said that the carcasses disappeared, wouldn't they want to identified what it is? I have mentioned this before, but now it is more than a coincident what lies between both locations is the Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center.

I have also hinted in the past about Montauk dark past, maybe its time to enlighten.


I forgot about the one that washed up on Rocky Point too a few weeks ago.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Aarrr! More Pirates

So you may have heard last week about the Somalian Pirates who captured a boat loaded with Russian tanks. Well the pesky pirates are at it again, but this time something is a little fishy.

So a few days pirates captured a Iranian ship. The cargo was suppose to be minerals, however I am pretty sure its not minerals. Many of the pirates suffered hairloss, skin burns, and some even died a few days later.

Pirates die strangely after taking Iranian ship
The Times--A tense standoff has developed in waters off Somalia over an Iranian merchant ship laden with a mysterious cargo that was hijacked by pirates.

Somali pirates suffered skin burns, lost hair and fell gravely ill “within days” of boarding the MV Iran Deyanat. Some of them died.

Andrew Mwangura, the director of the East African Seafarers’ Assistance Programme, told the Sunday Times: “We don’t know exactly how many, but the information that I am getting is that some of them had died. There is something very wrong about that ship.”

The vessel’s declared cargo consists of “minerals” and “industrial products”. But officials involved in negotiations over the ship are convinced that it was sailing for Eritrea to deliver small arms and chemical weapons to Somalia’s Islamist rebels.

So its obvious that minerals are not on the boat, my first thought is that this is some potent chemcial. I wouldn't go as far and saw it was anything radioactive, skin burns sound more chemical. But here is where the story gets interesting. The US step in and offered a 7 million dollar bribe to the pirates just to board the ship.

US offers pirates $7m bribe for Iran ship entry

Press TV--The US has offered USD 7m to the pirates, who hijacked an Iranian ship in the Gulf of Aden, to receive entry permission and search the vessel. The hijackers have yet to respond to the USD 7m offer, but a source close to the pirates told Press TV that the pirates are likely to accept the bribe and allow the Americans onboard the vessel. The US the naval fleet off the Somali coast alleges that The Iran Diyanat was carrying 'uranium and chemical weapons'.

This doesn't sound good. A story like this could drive the US war machine back in gear.

Friday, September 26, 2008

McMoon: Abandoned McDonalds has lunar tapes

Aaarr matey! Splice the main brace and shiver me timbers. Aye, we seem have have unco'ard a pirate mcdonalds with high resolution images o' the moon Aye, me parrot concurs. Now in English. Some 48,000lbs of 70mm film has been found in a abandoned McDonald's. This footage was shot 40 years as part of the Apollo program when they were trying to find a place to land on the moon.

From the video you can make out one image, this same image can be found on one of my favorite sites The Living Moon.

Here is the picture in the video
Enhanced close up of the picture shows a unnatural structure.
It looks like all these tapes are being turned over to NASA, and they will never be shown to the public. Its really a shame. Some of these videos could hold the key on what is really going on up there.

Props to Zorgon at ATS

Proof the blonde twins are idiots.

I'm pissed I can't embed this, stupid BBC. Here is the link.

This may be the the 2008 award winner for the Darwin Award. The video is a must see. How stupid can you be?

Here is the story.

Swedish twin sisters in UK motorway madness

The Local--Shocking images were released on Thursday night of two Swedish sisters throwing themselves into oncoming motorway traffic in the UK.

The incredible events were aired on the BBC documentary series, Motorway Cops.

The video shows the twin sisters walking along the central reservation of the M6 motorway, just outside Birmingham in central England. The duo then take a sudden plunge into oncoming traffic and the first woman is hit by a car.

Police were called to the scene and astonishingly, while being interviewed, one of the women again tears herself away from officers throws herself into the carriageway. The woman is struck by a truck and seriously injured.

Soon after, the second sister repeats her twin’s actions and hurtles into traffic to be hit by a car. Despite her head-on collision with a vehicle, the sister shortly tried to escape custody once more by again running onto the motorway.

In a highly aggressive state, the woman attacks an officer before finally being restrained by six members of the police.

The sister seriously injured by her collision with a truck was taken from the scene by air ambulance and treated in hospital for seven weeks. The second woman was also treated in hospital for minor injuries and spent a day in jail charged with assaulting an officer.

Friday's Failure of the day

Gun recoil.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Christmas gift for my mom this year

So my mom always goes nuts with Christmas decorations, even still to this day. She was one of the first to get those stupid light up reindeer that people put on their yards. I remember how mad she got when the whole block had the same reindeer the next year. That's because they sell a whole family of them at Walmart for like $20.

Well this year I am going to get my mom a real life light up moose. Like the ones in these pictures. I want to see the neighbors copy this. F U neighbors.

See you just plug him in.

Dude with Jet Pack plans on flying over the English Channel

I saw this on the morning news this morning. They said it was suppose to happen in 90 minutes from the time I was watching it, but I guess it got postponed. I give it 2:1 odds that he crashes.

LONDON, England (AP) -- Swiss pilot Yves Rossy has been forced to postpone his attempt to cross the English Channel strapped to a homemade jet-propelled wing.

Yves Rossy is shown in flight last May over the Swiss Alps.

Yves Rossy is shown in flight last May over the Swiss Alps.

Poor weather conditions Thursday means he will try again Friday.

Rossy will leap from a plane more than 2,500 meters (2,700 yards) off the ground, fire up his jets and try to make the 35-kilometer (22-mile) from Calais in France to Dover in England in about 12 minutes, according to a statement put out by his organizers.

In his first public demonstration of the device in May, Rossy turned figure-eights high above the Alps, performing fluid loops from one side of the Rhone valley to the other.

At least this guy flying over the channel will let me post some flying humanoid videos. These are great pieces of evidence.

Could these be man made human flying devices like this one that was created in the 60's?

Bad Doctor

I would never recommend surgery to anyone on less they really needed it. You just never know. Unless your in killer pain, or if you need a life saving procedure don't do it. Anesthesia is the most dangerous part of any surgery. That is why the anesthesiologist get paid the big bucks. But sometimes you have idiot doctors that make decisions for while your unconscious. Like what happened to this guy.

Man Sues Doctors After Penis Amputated

A Shelby County man and his wife said two doctors amputated the man's penis without his consent, and have filed a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, Philip Seaton went to have a circumcision last October. Seaton said when he woke up from the procedure, he realized his penis had been amputated.

Seaton has suffered mental anguish, pain, and has lost the enjoyment of life, according to the lawsuit.The lawsuit was filed in Shelby County court last week against Dr. John Patterson, who performed the procedure, Dr. Oliver James, who administered anesthesia, and Commonwealth Urology, PSC.

The lawsuit states that Patterson received consent to perform a circumcision and only a circumcision, and that Seaton did not consent to his penis being removed.
Kevin George, the plaintiff's attorney, said Patterson amputated the organ after finding cancer, but he only had consent to remove the foreskin.

"Sometimes you have an emergency and you have to do this, but he could very easily closed him up and said, 'Here are your options. You have cancer,' and the family would have said, 'We want a second opinion. This is a big deal,'" George said.

The lawsuit also claims the plaintiff did not consent to general anesthesia.

WLKY attempted to contact the doctors, but have not been able to reach them.The Seatons are seeking punitive damages against both doctors and the medical practice. Attorneys for the defendants will now have a chance to respond to the suit.

And yes that is a whale's penis.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Elephant Burritos?

In Maine if you hit animal with your car you are allowed to keep it. Apparently in a strange twist someone has stolen the dead elephant in Mexico. I was actually going to make a joke about this in the first post, but since someone died I thought it was in bad taste. But game on! What do you think burritos, tacos, maybe elephant nachos. This meat could feed a small village for weeks. Or at least some hungry tourist in a low class restaurant. I wonder what elephant taste like? Hmmm... dolphin?

I used google translator for this so that is why its in broken English.

Corpse of elephant is missing

El Universal ---15:16 A 14 hours after the accident, in which the Elephanta Hildra was hit by a bus on the Mexico-pyramids is not known where is the body of the pachyderm aged 40.

Personal de la Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (Profepa) se trasladó a un predio ubicado sobre la carretera federal México- Pachuca, de donde presuntamente el animal se le escapó a los responsables de su cuidado, sin embargo, los responsables del sitio no han dejado ingresar a los funcionarios federales a pesar de que traen una orden. Staff of the Federal Environmental Protection (Profepa) was moved to a farm located on the federal highway Mexico-Pachuca, from where the animal was allegedly escaped those responsible for their care, however, those responsible for the site have not left to join federal officials even though they bring a warrant.

La Profepa, indicaron funcionarios de esa dependencia, desconoce a dónde fue trasladado el cadáver de Hildra. Profepa, officials indicated that unit, unaware of where the corpse was transferred to Hildra.

Del sitio de donde en teoría se escapó la elefanta hay a la vista otro elefante y varios animales más. Site of where in theory escaped the Elephanta there before another elephant and several more animals.

Inspectores de la Profepa a simple vista determinaron que ese espacio no reúne las condiciones mínimas de seguridad para el cuidado de animales. Profepa inspectors found that at first glance that space does not meet the minimum conditions of security for the care of animals.

Bold Prediction

Last week I wrote about the guy who predicted the crash of the stock market. So I guess there is another Catholic pilgrimages on October 2-4 in Seattle. And going by this same guys predictions look for a hit in the market coming up soon. It should effect Seattle based companies such as: WaMu, Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, Expedia, Alaska Airlines, Weyerhaeuser, OfficeMax, and Costco. It should occur after they get back from the pilgrimage. Look for things to go south on October 6.

Whats the worst animal to hit while driving? An elephant!

This is a tragic story out of Mexico. A escapee circus elephant got loose and a bus hit it killing the driver. I firmly believe that circus people don't have the proper training to deal with large animals like this.

A five-tonne elephant was killed by a bus after it escaped from a circus in Mexico, and wandered onto a busy highway.

Telegraph-I know in Maine if you strike a animal with your car your allowed to keep the meat? I wonder what the rule is in Mexico? Looks like someone already took the tusks.

Bus driver Tomas Lopez, 49, also died and at least four passengers were taken to hospital after the accident, which happened just before dawn on Tuesday in Ecatepec, north of Mexico City.

The elephant had escaped from its cage at the Circo Union circus, according to Mexico State police spokesman Juan Sanchez, who said officers were still investigating the circumstances.

It is understood that the 40-year-old animal, named Hilda, broke free as her keeper arrived to feed her.

She apparently knocked down a metal door that led to the street and wandering through two neighbourhoods before trying to cross the road.

Marcelino Ramos, 22, keeper at the Circo Union circus, told El Universal daily newspaper: "I untied her so she could eat. She never did this before, but suddenly she ran at full speed and broke through the gate."

Police said the bus driver stood no chance of avoiding the elephant as it charged onto the road near the famous Teotihuacan pyramids.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Calls from beyond

I haven't posted anything paranormal in a while, mostly because I haven't found anything that happened recently that's cool. I thought this story was sort of neat. Guy dies in a train wreck, but his family keeps getting calls from his cell phone. When they pick up its just static.

I heard about similar stories in the past. When a love on calls and its nothing but static, then later they found out the person was dead at the time of the call. But in this story the guy called a lot of people, pretty interesting. Hopefully he was able to cross over.

Train Victim's Cell Kept Calling Loved Ones After He Died

SIMI VALLEY -- One local family whose loved one died in the Metrolink collision is still questioning something that happened that night.

They got several phone calls from 49-year-old Chuck Peck after the crash. But they now know he died on impact.

Peck's fiancee, Andrea Katz, told KTLA that the first call was to his son in Utah.

"...and he said my dad just called me and I said, what did he say? Is he okay? Where is he? He didn't say anything, the phone rang and it said dad," Peck's fiance Andrea Katz told KTLA.

As firefighters worked to rescue survivors, family members said Peck's cell phone kept calling his son, his brother, his stepmother, his sister and his fiancee.

But when they answered all they heard was static.

And when family members called back, the calls went straight to voice mail.

In all, family members say they received about 35 calls from Peck's cell phone through the night.

Nearly five hours after the crash at 9:08 p.m., Katz received a call.

"We were yelling in the phone, hang in there baby. We're gonna get you out. You're gonna be okay," Katz said.

When the rescue efforts turned to recovery, there was another call, which prompted search crews to trace it. They realized it was coming from the first train so they went back in one last time.

"And they were so excited they had this incredible adrenaline rush at thought that they could possibly go find another survivor... we gave her a description and they spent the next couple of hours looking for him and they did end up finding him and they said that he had died immediately on impact and there was no way he could have been calling us," Katz said.

The calls stopped at 3:28 a.m., about an hour before Peck's body was found.

Katz said the phone calls helped the family get through the night.

"The intellectual side of my brain thinks gee, it was a computer malfunction and then the emotional side of my brain, it was just Chuck letting us know that he knew that we were scared for him and letting us have hope."

Katz said she also finds comfort in knowing she and Peck were happy and that he didn't suffer in the end.

"He died instantly and he didn't suffer and when you love somebody you couldn't ask for a better way for them to leave this life, just happy and excited and didn't see it coming."

Investigators said they may never know how those calls were made because Peck's phone was never found.

They also say his body showed no sign that he lived even for a short time after the crash.

Donkey Show

I remember when I first went to Tijuana. I was 18 and looking for trouble. All I wanted to see was a donkey show. I never got to see one, and I am sort-of glad. Something like that could have been traumatize for me at such a young age. But it probably still would have been cool.

But this poor lady didn't get humped by a donkey, but by her own cow instead. Right in the middle of the street. The donkey acted like how I would have acted if I saw this, he fell over laughing.

Yes, the pictures are hilarious but the quote from the lady is even better.

Daily Mail---Rositza, from the village of Krustatitsa in Bulgaria, said: "My cow has never done such a thing before and has left me battered and bruised.

Look at the donkey, what an ass!
She was ended up fine. First time she had that type of smile in years.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture of the day

Its not a naked chick pool party until Transformers show up.

Guy purposes to his girlfriend she responds by throwing knives at him

Police: Knives Thrown During Marriage Proposal Fight

HOLIDAY - A Pasco County woman was in jail Sunday charged with aggravated domestic battery.

Her live-in boyfriend called police to the couple's Castile Lane home during an argument Saturday evening. The victim, Bruce Montle, told sheriff's deputies the argument with Celeste Irene Lagrant, 39, started over a marriage proposal.

Montle told investigators that Lagrant slapped, punched and scratched at him. She also threw several knives at him, he said.

I would probably take that as a no. I would still rather get a knife thrown at me than rejected at mid court during a basketball game.

This one is even better.

Monday's Suck

You want to know what my problem is? I don't sleep enough on the weekends. Weekends are a great time to sleep in, but I don't. I stay up late and wake up a few hours later, it sucks. I also drink WAY too many beers on Sunday now. How can I not, its football season. But I should start putting a cap on the number of beers. In a day and a half I filled up a whole recycling bin or empties by myself. The good news is that I totally get disgusted by my actions and don't want to see another beer until about 4:30 on Friday.

So I feel like crap today because I didn't sleep enough and I drank too much. Someone who is having a worse Monday than me, is Bill Belichick. I have never seen Belicheck team get more out coached than yesterday. And it was done by first year head coach Tony Soprano. All Miami did was run two plays, and the Patriots couldn't stop them. They ran the flag football play. Which is hiking it to your best player, and having him fake a handoff then putting the ball underneath his shirt and then running for a touchdown. I think they scored five times on this play. And when they weren't running that play, they had their receivers go deep and Pennington would just dump it off over the middle to the tight end or back. These two plays worked every time, it was a disgusting game to watch. It was like a real life Madden glitch.

Which sort of ruined my weekend, because I had a nice day with my mom on Saturday. She came into the city (which is always a adventure for her) and we went the the Phantom Gourmet food festival. This was just a display of gluttony. All you do is just eat and eat. By the end I was just taking a bite out of food samples and throwing the rest away. Probably next year I will go with friends, since in between filling your tummies you can chill in the bars until the next round of food.

The one thing that I don't understand is how serious people take this Phantom crap. I would say about a third of the crowd was dressed in Phantom apparel. Its a fun day and all, but the Phantom Gourmet is just a local TV show, no reason to start dressing in all purple.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't Pass Out in Shea Stadium

I have seen some funny stuff at baseball games, but this is great. This guy was out cold. The best past of the video happens at around the 8:14 when the huge stack falls over and the guy behind him makes a incredible save on the beer. Signing the beer bottle at the end was pretty sweet as well.

Drunk fan at Shea Stadium falls victim to fans' prank

If you are going to get drunk and pass out in a public place, Shea Stadium might not be the best place to do it.

One fan during the second game of a doubleheader in Queens learned this the hard way when he apparently passed out in his box seat after enjoying a few too many cold ones.

In a YouTube video that's turning into an Internet sensation, the unlucky fan can be seen in his Shea Stadium seat with a half-empty beer in his hands and an empty beer cup stacked on his head.

But that was just the beginning.

In the nearly ten minute video another unidentified fan can be seen stacking empty cups on his head while hundreds of fans cheer him on and take pictures.

Talk about a doubleheader hangover.

Dude on message board predicted the stock market crash

Not I am not really sure what to make of this, I am learning on the run here. Months ago a guy predicted that exact date of the crash on the google fiance board. The part that I am trying to figure out is this guy predicted the date because of connections between the market and some Catholic Church pilmagrage. He claims there is some major insider trading going on and the checks would have cleared on Sept. 14th.

This is the guys quote from July 18th:
"Crash is in September."


and the negative news that will move the market downward should occur
Sept 15

this organization below.. runs the show


the money laundering occurs just prior to the pilgrimage to rome and
the checks are written during the pilgrimage and the checks clear by
September 14 and the negative news leaks out (something along the
lines of "insider trading on a mass scale at a major brokerage) then
they start crossing the "t"s and dotting the "i"s on Sarbanes-Oxley II

SOX II will certainly protect the working class' nest-eggs fur sure!

I find this pretty interesting. Here is the link to the message board. The guys name is reinhardt, goes into detail too.

That website that reinhardt links in a no joke. Only people that can influence the market can join their little Catholic club.

I'm not sure what to make of this, still trying to dig. But it could be a little real life Da Vinci code?

thanks 911fnord for finding this

Friday's Failure of the day

Watch more 04minutes

What is the worse Facebook status update?

I hate facebook. In the past I have said it was evil. What really drives me nuts is the status updates. They are just so lame. Like Joe is going to bed, or Mary is watching The Hills. People take the status updates way too seriously. If something big is happening that's fine, but I don't want to hear that your taking a shower. Nobody cares.

So I was thinking what are the worst updates someone could write. Something so bad that it makes people stop and think about kicking you off their friends list. Here is my top 10 list:

10. BLANK wishes he could date his 12 year old niece .

9. BLANK bowls are bleeding again.

8. BLANK just cheated on the spouse again.

7. BLANK just joined Scientology.

6. BLANK just ran over a dog on the way home, and backed over it to put is out of its misery.

5. BLANK is thinking about suicide and taking some of his friends with him.

4. BLANK hasn't peed in 4 days.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ultimate Conspicary: The destuction of the Death Star was a inside job

So yesterday I got my broken PS3 back from Sony, and I decided to give the new Star Wars game a try. It got me thinking was the Death Star destruction a inside job?
I always like finding out the truth behind things. I find it completely impossible for the Rebel Alliance to destroy the Death Star on their own. There is just no way they could have done it without the help of someone on the inside. This conspiracy has been around for a little while now. There has been videos

And also the site debunking 9/11: Death Star was a inside job

I want to focus more on the Battle of Yavin, which is the battle of when the Death Star blew up.

The Death Star

The Death Star was a battle station the size of the a small moon. It was cutting edge technology that had a formidable array of turbolasers and tractor beam projectors, giving it the firepower of greater than half the Imperial starfleet.

We are suppose to believe that bunch of nerf-herder rebels took down this battle station that had the capability of destroying planets.

Scattered across the Death Star's surface were thousands of weapons emplacements: a total of 10,000 turbolaser batteries, 2,500 laser cannons, 2,500 ion cannons and 768 tractor beam projectors. source
But, manned guns were not firing the day of the attack.

The Death Star carried a crew of 265,675 out of that 52,276 were gunners. source

I would say that the Death Star had about 52,246 more gunners than the rebels had pilots. source

If you watch the first video above right around the first minute mark of that video, you can see explosions inside the Death Star. They are also explosion on the outside of the Death Star. We are suppose to believe that this is cannon fire from the T-65 X-wing fighter.

The Death Star was divided into 24 zones, 12 per hemisphere, each controlled by a "bridge". The Death Star had a total diameter of 120Km. source
The Death Star was divided into many layers so that the damage to one section wouldn't damage others.
In short, it was huge and could take a beating.
The X-wings had four identical Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannons. Some of X-wings had Taim & Bak IX4 laser cannons instead. Either of these cannons were used in air to air, or air to ground attacks. For knocking out installations they would use their Krupx MG7 proton torpedo. source
It is impossible for those types of explosions within the Death Star to come from their cannons alone. The only way these types of explosions would have occurred would have been if they were using their torpedoes. Which they wouldn't be using because they needed the torpedoes to shoot them down the thermal exhaust port. This proves one or two things, that there were explosive devices on board, and that it was a controlled demolition. Or that the Dark Side of the force wanted the Death Star blown up. But I think it was both.

The Death Star had a tractor beam. With a estimate of around 30 rebel ships why didn't they just suck them all in. R2D2 was able to deactivate the tractor beam with a turn of his little hand. The Empire had plenty of R2 units available on the Death Star, one of them should have been able to located the problem and reactivate the tractor beam. If they didn't want to suck all the ships into the Death Star, they could have still used the tractor beam to make shooting the rebel's X-wings easier.
sourceChain of Command

Vader was defiantly number #2 in command behind the Emporor. Anyone that questioned his ruling was choked to death. Anyone that had any sense of knowledge of the coverup was elimatated. Number #3 in command was Grand Moff Tarkin.
At his command were 7,200 starfighters, four strike cruisers, 3,600 assault shuttles. source
But yet he only sent out a handful of TIE fighters. TIE fighters are grouped into into something called "wings", which is a squadron of 72 fighters. source
Why did Tarkin only send out maybe one or two wings to combat the rebels? Was he following orders? Or did he really thought the rebels attack was futile?

Darth Vader

Why was Grand Moff Tarkin in control of the all of the Death Stars resources? Because Vader decided he needed to personally pilot a TIE fighter. This is a crazy thought. Why would second in command of the Imperial Army do such a thing. Its because he was in on it.

Darth Vader could have probably taken down most of the X-wing fighters on his own. He was the most talented pilot in the sky that day. He was also extremely competitive, and did not like to lose. source

When compared against his competition, Luke Skywalker, it was a battle of mice vs men. Skywalker's only flying experience came with flying T-16 Skyhoppers. The T-16's only had a flying ceiling of only 300Km, and had no weapons. source

There is no comparing from flying on moisture farms on the Outer Rim to a intergalactic space battle with the Imperial Army.

Then why did Vader who had Luke Skywalker in his sights and fire two shots, and miss? If Vader wanted to shoot down Skywalker's fighter he could have.He could have also avoided his wingman from crashing into him, which sent him spinning out of control. But this was all part of the plan. Vader needed a excuse to fly off into space. So he merely faked a crash in order to get as far away from the soon to be exploding death star.

Luke and the Single Missile theory

As the story goes, Luke took down the Death Star with a pair of proton torpedo. How in the hell can a pair of proton torpedoes destroy something that is the size of a small moon? A torpedo is not the Death Star.
Luke claims he could "bullseye womp rats with sun blasts". Womp rats were 2-3 meters in length and traveled in packs of around 20. source
Because of their large length and pack size you can probably be blindfolded and still "bullseye" a womp rat. Shooting one of these is not like shooting lice off someones head.

Shooting a proton torpedo into the Death Star thermal exhaust is suppose to be a impossible shot. Instead of using his guidance system, Luke decides to shut it off and "uses the force".
Luke only recently started training in the force, and was not that skilled in it. He wasn't even a Jedi.
So we are suppose to believe that the force helped Luke target the shot. But how did the proton torpedo bend into the exhaust port? Was the force use to bend the torpedoes shot as well?
Proton torpedo are design to fly straight, they have no mechanism in which they can turn. source

Could it be that Vader who is a lot more skilled in the force, not only guided the torpedo but made it take a sharp turn into the exhaust port? This could have been why he purposely missed his chance to take out Skywalker. Because he needed Skywalker to shoot the proton torpedo so that Vader, not Skywalker could use the force to blow up the Death Star.
Why did Vader do it? Because him and Emperor wanted to collect insurance on the Death Star. This gave them a perfect reason to build a new and better Death Star. It was also very convenient that the Emperor wasn't on the Death Star at the time of the explosion.

Only a few months after the Death Star blew up, the Empire attacked the planet of Hoth. They claim that they were searching for the rebels on Hoth. But in reality the Empire wanted Hoth's vast deposits of rocks and minerals. source

This also gave more time for Vader to convince his son to convert to the Dark Side. Vader knew that the Emperor was getting old, and some day he would be number one in command. Vader ultimate goal was to have him and his son as the ruling body of the universe.