Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dumb ass of the day

Now New York City has its fair share of planes hitting skyscrapers. There was the US attack, and the New York Yankee attack. And I have mentioned before of the military bomber that flew into the Empire States building.

You would current architects would think to build new skyscrapers that would prevent planes from hitting them. But no. Instead they build invisible buildings. Anyone but me see this as a bad idea?

The See-Through Skyscraper

The New York Times---“Transparency” is the architectural watchword of the era, almost guaranteed to appear in any reference to contemporary glass-clad towers.

But real buildings usually look a lot different than the clear plastic models and crystalline renderings shown at news conferences and ribbon cuttings.

Once in a while, however, when the light and the angles are just right, a skyscraper can come close to vanishing.

That happened last Thursday, when the 52 floors of 7 World Trade Center faded into the cloud-flecked blue of a late summer afternoon. Its masonry neighbors (140 West Street and 90 West Street) stood out in contrast.

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