Friday, September 5, 2008

Irony is a bitch

Ah Buddhism. One of my favorite religions. One of the crucial practices is Buddhism in is to live in harmony with natural. For if you don't bad things will happen.

TOKYO - A Japanese monk trying to rid his temple of a hornets' nest panicked when the hornets attacked him and dropped a torch, burning his temple to the ground, police said Thursday.

The Buddhist monk had put lighted rags on a stick into the nest in the temple, but dropped it and ran when the hornets flew out and attacked him, Niigata state police official Yuichi Ozaka said. The fire occurred Wednesday.

He said the monk, Atsushi Sato, 41, suffered burns on his ears, face and left hand, but he was not stung

If anyone should know it should be a Buddhist monk. Karma will always get you.

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