Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The moon

The moon is a fascinating place. It sort of like a giant Death Star. Most people just glare up at it, and this its a giant rock, but its far from it. Ever wonder why there is a dark side to the moon? Most planets and moons spin on a axis, not our moon. On earth we only see one side, and that is for a reason. We were told never to go back there, but by who?

I have showed pictures before of the glowing blue lights that come from underneath the moon surfaces. And also that the live Apollo 11 footage was not shot live on the moon. Well here are some of my favorite moon pictures. These are rare uncensored by NASA pictures. I have only posted a handful, this is just the tip of the ice berg.

Apollo 16, craft in the back.
Apollo 16, cylinder shape rock in the back.Close up of the rock, does not look natural.

And take a look at the reflection in the face shield. That is not the moon rover.
From Apollo 15, water on the moon.Close up of the water.
Apollo 14, a craft in the distance.
Close up.
There may be possible mining operations on the moon.

Close up view.

Infared picture form Russian Zond 3 satellite
Close up. That is not a natural formation.

Wierd rock formation

Random pieces of machinery all over the moon.
Close up of the skull, note the red coloring is not artifical.

Parallel tracks on the moon. These are not from the Moon Rover. The Moon Rover was 4ft 11" wide. These are much wider
Giant tower.

Picture of "the Shard" from the Lunar Orbital.
And my favorite moon picture, "The Castle". From the Lunar Orbital
Special thanks to John Lear and and Mike Singh for their hard work on researching these pictures.

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