Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Elephant Burritos?

In Maine if you hit animal with your car you are allowed to keep it. Apparently in a strange twist someone has stolen the dead elephant in Mexico. I was actually going to make a joke about this in the first post, but since someone died I thought it was in bad taste. But game on! What do you think burritos, tacos, maybe elephant nachos. This meat could feed a small village for weeks. Or at least some hungry tourist in a low class restaurant. I wonder what elephant taste like? Hmmm... dolphin?

I used google translator for this so that is why its in broken English.

Corpse of elephant is missing

El Universal ---15:16 A 14 hours after the accident, in which the Elephanta Hildra was hit by a bus on the Mexico-pyramids is not known where is the body of the pachyderm aged 40.

Personal de la Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (Profepa) se trasladó a un predio ubicado sobre la carretera federal México- Pachuca, de donde presuntamente el animal se le escapó a los responsables de su cuidado, sin embargo, los responsables del sitio no han dejado ingresar a los funcionarios federales a pesar de que traen una orden. Staff of the Federal Environmental Protection (Profepa) was moved to a farm located on the federal highway Mexico-Pachuca, from where the animal was allegedly escaped those responsible for their care, however, those responsible for the site have not left to join federal officials even though they bring a warrant.

La Profepa, indicaron funcionarios de esa dependencia, desconoce a dónde fue trasladado el cadáver de Hildra. Profepa, officials indicated that unit, unaware of where the corpse was transferred to Hildra.

Del sitio de donde en teoría se escapó la elefanta hay a la vista otro elefante y varios animales más. Site of where in theory escaped the Elephanta there before another elephant and several more animals.

Inspectores de la Profepa a simple vista determinaron que ese espacio no reúne las condiciones mínimas de seguridad para el cuidado de animales. Profepa inspectors found that at first glance that space does not meet the minimum conditions of security for the care of animals.

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