Friday, October 31, 2008


Nice topic for Halloween. This weeks episode of Paranormal State they needed to do a exorcism on a girl. Paranormal State is not my favorite ghost show, but I thought this one was really interesting. I would say that watching this is a lot more scarier then watching the movie the Exorcist.

Here is the Youtube link to the first of 6 parts. I would probably skip the first two parts, from 3-6 is where the excitement is. I would have just embedded them, but the idiot that posted the videos disallowed embedding.

So instead here are some other exorcism videos if you are too lazy to click on the link.

Top spy echos Biden's warning

A few weeks ago I posted comments made by Joe Biden and Colin Powell of something big that is brewing on the horizon. Something that is probably going to happen this January, and will probably not only effect Americans but possibly the whole world.

Well now the top intelligence officer Mike McConnell is saying the same thing as Biden. I find it amazing on how some many high ranking officials know that something is going to happen, but yet we are kept in the dark.

Spy chief says U.S. vulnerable in president's first year

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The nation's chief intelligence official warned Thursday that a new president's first year in office is the most perilous time for the country.

"I would say the period of most vulnerability for the United States is the first year of a new president," Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell told an annual conference of intelligence officials and contractors in Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday.

McConnell cited the attack on the World Trade Center shortly after Bill Clinton took over the presidency in 1993 and the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, which occurred less than eight months after George W. Bush took the oath of office.

McConnell's comments seemed similar to those made recently by Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, who was criticized when he suggested his running mate Barack Obama would be tested by an international crisis within his first six months in office. Biden referred to it as a "generated crisis to test the mettle" of Obama.

Otto the Octopus would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those pesky kids.

There nothing I appreciate more on a Friday afternoon then to read about a octopus that is a practically joker. The best part of this article is when they mention that Otto juggles his tank mates.

Otto the octopus wreaks havoc

Telegraph--A octopus has caused havoc in his aquarium by performing juggling tricks using his fellow occupants, smashing rocks against the glass and turning off the power by shortcircuiting a lamp.

Staff believe that the octopus called Otto had been annoyed by the bright light shining into his aquarium and had discovered he could extinguish it by climbing onto the rim of his tank and squirting a jet of water in its direction.

The short-circuit had baffled electricians as well as staff at the Sea Star Aquarium in Coburg, Germany, who decided to take shifts sleeping on the floor to find out what caused the mysterious blackouts.

A spokesman said: "It was a serious matter because it shorted the electricity supply to the whole aquarium that threatened the lives of the other animals when water pumps ceased to work.

"It was on the third night that we found out that the octopus Otto was responsible for the chaos.

"We knew that he was bored as the aquarium is closed for winter, and at two feet, seven inches Otto had discovered he was big enough to swing onto the edge of his tank and shoot out a the 2000 Watt spot light above him with a carefully directed jet of water."

Director Elfriede Kummer who witnessed the act said: "We've put the light a bit higher now so he shouldn't be able to reach it. But Otto is constantly craving for attention and always comes up with new stunts so we have realised we will have to keep more careful eye on him - and also perhaps give him a few more toys to play with.

"Once we saw him juggling the hermit crabs in his tank, another time he threw stones against the glass damaging it. And from time to time he completely re-arranges his tank to make it suit his own taste better - much to the distress of his fellow tank inhabitants."

Giant Lego Man washes up on Dutch beach!

Pictured: The giant 8ft Lego man who washed up on the beach

Daily Mail--At 8ft tall and wearing a garish green jersey he's not the sort of chap to get lost down the sofa.

In fact, you'd think he was unlikely to get lost at all. But someone (possibly someone big), somewhere is missing a key bit of their Lego set.

The colourful character mysteriously washed up on Brighton beach yesterday spawning dozens of tales - soon to become local legend - about where he may have come from.

While some believe he floated from Denmark-where there is a Legoland park), others suggest he toppled off a ship. Of course, there's always the cynical possibility he's part of a publicity stunt.

Resident Gerry Turner, 34, said: 'It's very odd. God knows how it got here but people are saying it's from Holland because it's got some Dutch writing on it.

'It must have fallen off a boat of something. The kids love it.'

Children who helped stand the Lego man up on the beach were desperately curious about where it came from.

One said: 'It's great, but we don't know why it's here.'

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said town hall officials had no idea of the origin of the Lego man, but added that they saw no difficulty in letting it stay on the beach where it washed up.

He said: 'There's no problem at all. It will be interesting to see how long the Lego man stays there for. We'll keep an eye on it.'

But Lego was insistent: 'We're bemused. He has nothing to do with us.'

The Lego giant's arrival on the East Sussex shingle yesterday morning comes two years after an armada of plastic ducks landed on British shores.

Borne on the ocean currents, the ducks had made a 17,000-mile odyssey from the Pacific where they had been washed from a container ship in a 1992 storm.

And who says giants don't exist? I would have to say that this is a lot cooler than dead unknown creatures that wash up on our beaches.

Trick or Treat

So my roommate got laid off yesterday. This roommate not the one below.So I feel bad for him, he didn't see it coming. His company said it was over performance, which my roommate denied. Saying yesterday that he was one of the hardest workers there. I not sure if I believe that since I can't even count how many times he told me he did absolutely nothing at work on a particular day. I also leave for work 2 hours before him each day, and most of the time he is home before me. So I am a little inclined to think that he was the hardest worker there.

But he really has no money saved. He is the type of kid that flies by the seat of his pants. Gets a check and then spends it as fast as he can.

He always said that he wanted to quit his job, but I don't think he expected this. I have no idea how easy it is to find a job in his field. But I am guessing that he will be unemployed for awhile.

Friday's Failure of the day

This happened last week in the Marshall vs Houston football game. When the QB over throws the endzone, don't run and catch it. Ouch!


Well today is Halloween. I like Halloween. What's not to like about Halloween? There is candy, ghost stories, and chicks in Halloween costumes.

You can take the most innocent girl in the world, and for some reason on Halloween she has to dress like a slut. I love it. For the whole year she will never show any skin, and then BLAME! She is dressed like a naughy nurse. Like there is such a thing as a naughty nurse.

I am amazed at how far costumes have come. Now you can buy anything on the internet. If you want to be Burger King, you can be him, not a problem. When I was a kid we had to make our own costumes. Well our parents did. But that still not as creepy as costumes from way back. This picture is about as creepy as Halloween costumes get.But I don't celebrate Halloween anymore. Well I mean in the sense of celebrating, as in dressing up in a costume and going to a Halloween party. The last time I did dress up, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth about Halloween. Since that I am someone who is superstitious, I have yet to celebrate Halloween since then.

I had one of those moments in your life when you see something, something that is wrong and you don't know if you should intervene. Like if you see someone hitting their kid in public, a guy bitch slapping his girlfriend, or if someone pulls a hammer out of their bag on a subway and beats the hell out of a guy.

Unfortunately for me, I think my life has been damned. So I always try and do the right thing whenever I can. I like to think it puts my on the good side of karma.

So the last Halloween I went out I had two parties to go to, both at bars in downtown Boston. I dressed up as a Redneck, so pretty much I looked like a total idiot. Which is not to far from the norm. Anyways, the final party was in Fanuiel Hall and after the bar closed I decided to grab myself a sausage (street meat). I think the only time I ever eat street meat is when I am drunk. After going to two parties, and I think the first one started at 6PM, so I was pretty intoxicated by the time the bars closed.

As I am standing in a street meat line (maybe 6-7 deep) minding my own business. There was a group of guys at the beginning of the line, all of them were wearing striped shirts. This may seem normal, but this occurred on the last time Halloween fell on a Saturday night. All around that night everybody I saw was dressed up, except for these dudes in striped shirts.

I wasn't really paying much attention but these douchebags were making fun of the girl standing in front of me. (A girl who I did not know.) What did get my attention is that one of these guys spit a huge lugee in this girls face.

So at that moment I had a decision to make. Do I do nothing, and get my street meat and go home, or do I say something. So I said something. To what I said, I haven't got a fucking clue? I know I was wearing a ridiculous outfit and probably spouting my mouth off. It could have been something to the extent of "you guys are cool, why don't you spit in my face".

So after I said something to these guys and nothing happened I turned around to talk to my friend who joined me in line (she is a girl as well). Next thing I know I get suckered punch. I think I probably got punched and kicked when I fell too, but not to sure. I really don't think it was any great achievement, I had some many beers that a strong wind could have knocked me down.

But when I came to, I noticed that all of Fanueil Hall was in mayhem. There was just guys with costumes fighting guys without costumes. It felt like I was in the middle of the movie The Warriors.
Or at least something out of Marvel Comics.

So when I finally got to my feet most of the violence was over. Police regained control of the area. I had some blood coming out of my nose, but this was not the first attempt of someone trying to reshuffle my teeth. I was ready to shake it off. But Boston police thought I should take a ambulance ride to the hospital. At this point I really wanted to screw these guys over that suckered punch me. So I gave the police officer my information and my story and I hopped in the ambulance.

Once at the hospital there was really nothing wrong with, slight break at the tip of my nose. But my nose is like a mountain range, almost impossible to throw a punch and not hit the thing. So after I get discharged I went for early morning breakfest at the South Street diner. What I had no idea about till half way through my eggs is that I was still covered in blood, and had dried blood all over my face. I guess if you are open all night, like the South Street diner you see people covered in blood all the time.

So the next day I went to the police station to pick up my police report, and this thing read like a comedy sketch. Officer Dunkindonuts observed Scooby Doo punching a man in the face, while this occurred women dressed as prostitutes were screaming. Once I pulled the Incredible Hulk off the victim I detained the suspect. It just when on, and on like this. The women at the police station said they had a lot of fun with the report. So after I pick this up, they mentioned that I should be getting something in the mail about my court date. So I said fine.

Months passed and I never got anything. Until one day I get a call from my friend yelling at me, why weren't you in court today? I said what? Apparently I never received a notice about my court hearing. That is, until 2 days after the court date. The Boston Police fucked up so bad that I didn't receive my notice to appear in court for being a victim until 2 days after the court date. This adds to my list of my horrible Boston Police experiences. What really pisses me off, is that my friend who did go to court said that she saw the stripe shirt douchebags chuckling it up with the police officers. So me being a man of conspiracies believe that the cops and stripe shirt fags were somewhat in cahoots for making me miss my court date. The Boston Police force is one of the worst in the country.

So this is why I am not dressing up tonight. Well not really, I am sure if I had a good costume party with chicks wearing slutty outfits I would be all over it.

Oh and one last thing, by a friend of a friend's friend, I ran into the girl that got spit on in a bar a while back. She was very grateful for having me stick up for her. So unfortunately for me I will probably do the same thing over again.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Picture of the day: Chaos edition

No these aren't pictures from downtown Fullijah, its Philadelphia from last night after the Phillies won the world series. Look like they did a good job destroying the city. At least the cops didn't pepper ball a helpless girl in the eye.

Weird way to drink yourself to death

Aquaholic drinks himself to death by gorging on a hosepipe

Daily Mail--Fatal attraction: Due to a bizarre condition, Andrew Else drank so much water from a garden hose that his heart failed

A man suffering from a rare 'aquaholic' thirst was found dead after drinking a massive volume of water directly from a garden hose, an inquest has heard.

Andrew Else, 51, was found drenched and lifeless outside his care home after staff spotted him drinking from the hose.

He is said to have developed an unquenchable thirst after suffering a stomach condition in his 20s.

He would go to extreme lengths to satisfy his cravings, regularly drinking from bathroom taps.

Staff at the home were told to monitor him after he was seen drinking from the hosepipe but he was soon spotted again standing by the tap in soaking clothes.

Mr Else was given medication but was later discovered lying in a pool of water by the hose.

He was pronounced dead at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, and a post-mortem revealed he had died as a result of over-consumption of water.

This is just bizarre and strange. I have heard of many cases of hyponatremia before, but nothing like this. Usually when someone drinks too much water for a race or a bet.

When I first saw the title of this I thought it was going to be a Leaving Las Vegas type of story, but I wasn't ready for death by garden hose. I feel bad, this must have been a horrible condition to have. Imagine always being thirsty? That is torture. I guess it is a little bit better than being always hungry.

I think I would have to rank death by garden hose water high on my list of horrible ways to go.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey Look! More free energy

I love the people that think that's once the world's oil runs out we are screwed. The sheep keep getting brainwashed by people like T Boone Pickens, and think that the only choice to get cheap and available energy is by off shore drilling. Well there is plenty of alternative energy sources, some patents are owned by oil companies, but others like the Keppe Motor aren't. (yet)

Zpenergy--Brazilian scientists have announced the development of a breakthrough new motor that they hope will soon power everything from cars to industrial equipment. Just like solar panels capture energy from the sun, the Keppe Motor captures energy from the so called "vacuum" of space -- which it turns out is no vacuum at all. The motor is named for Brazilian scientist Dr. Norberto Keppe, whose book The New Physics proposes an ambitious new direction in our planet's technological philosophy.

The Keppe Motor is the first tangible invention arising from the ideas outlined in this book. Keppe worked with scientists Cesar Soos and Roberto Frascari of the STOP the Destruction of the World Association, an international group working for the preservation of life and nature. They were able to create an electric motor following Keppe's principles that requires significantly less electricity to generate power than a normal motor -- more than 75% less electricity to be precise. "People tend to believe that electricity comes from batteries, electrical outlets, etc.," Soos says. "What we are showing is that the traditional process of electricity actually signifies a loss of energy. That's why electric cars are so difficult to develop. Our process works with what we could call a non-entropic energy. So it's much more efficient."

As I have mentioned before I struggle with physics. I really can't comprehend the logistics of if this should work or not. I guess judging by the second law of thermodynamics it could work. But I can't say for certain.

props to GlodenAge

Malaysia has gone too far

After Trousers, Malaysia Muslim body targets yoga

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters Life!) - Not content with banning women from wearing trousers, Malaysia's top Islamic council now wants a ban on yoga, according to a report on state news agency Bernama.

The National Fatwa Council's Deputy Director-General Othman Mustapha told reporters after a seminar on Islamic jurisprudence on Thursday that the announcement would be made soon.

Professor Zakaria Stapa of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia's Islamic Studies Centre told the seminar on Wednesday that Muslims who had taken up yoga should stop practising as it could damage their faith, Bernama said.

Last week the Fatwa Council decreed that tomboyish behaviour by girls, including wearing trousers, was immoral as it may lead to the practise of lesbian sex.

Gay sex is prohibited in this country of 27 million people where over half of the population is Muslim.

Wow, what a bummer! I think I spend too much of my time bashing the US government. I should be bashing the Malaysia government.

Don't they know how hot girl-on-girl action is? And that almost 80% of women are at least bi-sexual. Actually I just made that number up, but it seems right.

I really don't have a least favorite religon, but Muslim's have some silly rules and traditions. Sometimes I think its better to be Amish than a Muslim. Whats next banning women from wearing red?

el Matador

Wearing red 'boosts attraction'

BBC--Women who don a little red dress before going out with a man may find their date more attentive and generous, according to scientists.

The University of Rochester study, published in a psychology journal, supports other evidence linking the colour to attractiveness.

Men said they would spend more money on a woman pictured in red, compared with the same woman wearing a blue shirt.

Experts say that red signals ovulation or attractiveness in other species.

The colour has traditionally been linked with romantic and sexual matters, from red hearts on Valentine's Day, to red-light districts.

The researchers say that their study is clear evidence that the colour red makes men feel more amorous - even if this is only on a subconscious level.

Their volunteers were told they had $100, shown the picture of their "date", then asked how much of that money they were prepared to spend.

On average, wearing red meant a more expensive night out, and in general, a higher rating of attractiveness.

When the pictures were shown to other women, there were no wardrobe-dependent differences in attractiveness ratings.

This is like a no brainier, I can believe it took this long to figure it out. The color red defiantly does something to men. It not only gets our sex drive going but also our appetites. What color is predominate in most fast food joints. Red.

There is nothing hotter than a chick in a red dress, they just stand out.

Here are two pictures of Scarlett Johansson.Yes, she looks great in both. But she looks a hell-of-alot better in the red than the black.

So for the women out there. If you trying to impress a guy where red. It also doesn't hurt to smell like bacon. This commerical is 100% fact.

Or even better. Wear a red dress that looks like bacon. I can not see how this will not work.

Didn't see this coming

As I was watching the Celtics ring ceremony last night, I was shocked to see Paul Pierce crying. I think I had the same look on my face as the guy standing behind him.

I talked about this crying incident over with my roommate and we both couldn't remember a athlete crying when they received their ring. There has been plenty of crying athletes when they win a championship, but I think this is the first at a ring ceremony.

I thought it was a little wussy. Hey, they still won the game and Pierce played great!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Picture of the day

Back to reality.

NESN replaces Hazel Mae with giant cranium man

Boston Herald--After a nationwide search, NESN has finally found a replacement for “SportsDesk” vixen Hazel Mae - and it’s a dude!

Cole Wright, sports director of WVLA, the NBC affiliate in Baton Rouge, La., and a former minor-league pitcher, will take over for the departed Hazel next month.

Wright will anchor “SportsDesk” and host the station’s sports news programming.

“Cole will be a great addition to our sports news team,” said NESN programming cheese Joel Feld.

Wright, who played minor league baseball in the Frontier League for the Rockford RiverHawks, previously worked as an assistant sports director and weekend sports anchor for KETK in Tyler, Texas, and KLST in San Angelo, Texas.

He replaces Mae, who will start work as the face of the new MLB Network when it debuts in January.

So NESN has been on a roll with hiring hot chicks. The Heidi Watney signing might been the best addition to any TV, news, or sporting event all year. But they seriously dropped the ball on this one. I was never a big Hazel Mae fan, but from going to this.

To this, is a major drop off.The only thing I can think of is that with the economy so bad NESN needs to sell advertising space on his forehead.

What if the world could vote for the American President?

See the results.

Stephenville UFO's are back

This is one of my favorite cases of all time, and it seems that the strange occurrences in the sky haven't stopped.

More lights spotted in Stephenville skies

Empire Tribune--Dozens of Stephenville and Erath County residents have reported unidentified lights in the Texas sky this week.
Recent accounts started coming in Tuesday, Oct. 21. More sitings were reported Wednesday night and a stadium full of parents watching a Junior High Football game spotted more strange lights Thursday night.
Many witnesses reported seeing the lights and then watched jets chase after them.Local residents made headlines nine months ago after reporting unidentified flying objects in the southeastern county skies.

And just in case you missed it the last time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Giant Douche vs a Turd Sandwich

Well its getting to be close to that time. The time where we pick between a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich to lead our country. I really don't like politics, in fact I despise them. When laws are passed in this country its not about what is right or wrong, or if they actually help the people. It really comes down to which lobbyist is willing to shell out the most money. I find this disgusting.

Election day is the day for the sheep. The sheep venture out and think that their vote is going to make a difference. Well it doesn't. In the US you don't vote for the candidates, but for electors. Each state has x=n electors. These electors can pick any candidate they want. If a whole freaking state all vote for McCain, the electors could still pick Obama. This doesn't make sense.

The person with the most votes doesn't necessarily mean that they will when. In 2000 Al Gore had more votes than George Bush, but he still lost. But the sheep don't really think in these lines. They believe that standing outside on a cold November morning holding a sign will influence people to change their vote.

Those political signs are just so boring. Everybody has the same stupid signs. Where is the originality?
I think people should make their own signs, instead of standard issue signs. I think people should take a page out of ESPN gameday signs that people make.

You can get your message across, and use that thing that sits own your neck to be a little bit creative.

I really don't think it matters who we vote for president. I think we are all fucked. I think war is on the horizon. It doesn't matter who is in office.

A while back I guess I was a Hilary fan. But that was only because of Bill. The country ran smoothly when we was around. Who cares if a intern was sucking him off. We weren't at war, the world still sort of liked us, and we had money in our 401Ks.

So America has a tough decision coming up next week. Its not as easy as "Forward with Fung".
Most Americans will choose between Obama and McCain because of the issues. Well I guess that's OK. I am wondering how many people will pick McCain because Sarah Palin is a sexpot.
Who cares what she babbles out of her mouth. She looks good doing it. She may be the stupidest VP since Dan Quayle.

But the real wild card for this election is McCain's daughter. Meghan McCain is just waiting to whore herself out to America. She has already said she will get a tattoo of "live free or die" on her if her dad wins New Hampshire. And you know the tat will end up right above her ass. She will get some nice ass antlers going. That is of course if she doesn't have them already.

But if she does end up in the White House, mark my words, there is going to be some story that comes out about her that deals with sex. A video, maybe gangbang rumors, possibly her affinity for the 2 hole, something will come out.

But I guess after you get passed the sex appeal on the GOP ticket, they really don't have much else. Well unless you really want to see a war in Iran. I guess in the end I think I need to see a little change.
But come election day when the whole country is watching election results, I won't, because in the end it doesn't make a difference.

I don't sleep enough on the weekends

I think most people catch up on their sleep on the weekends, nope not me. I am the complete opposite. I look forward during the week to catch up on my sleep.

Typically I can count on my fingers how much sleep I get on the weekends. I think this Friday I slept 3 1/2 hours, and maybe on Saturday I slept 5 hours. There is nothing I can do. My stupid body clock always gets me up at the crack of dawn.

I would have loved to have slept in yesterday, but I had to catch a train. But I am not complaining. I got a chance to hang out with my nephew all day. But being overly tried and chasing around a kid all day is like a recipe for falling asleep in weird spots.

I was able to catch the fourth quarter of the Pats game yesterday at my moms houses. But I dosed off, and didn't even see their last touchdown. I suddenly awoke realizing that I had matchbox cars in my hand, and totally forgot I was in the middle of playing with my nephew.

I think this was the first time I spontaneously fell asleep. God, whats next adult diapers?

Friday, October 24, 2008

More nonsense

Wait for it, its worth it.

I'm mailing it in

Friday's are usually my best blog days. I'm full of energy, full of ideas, and mostly just full of shit. But I have been busy all day, and there really hasn't been anything note worthy to write about.

So if you haven't seen this video yet, than shame on you. Its pretty good. Try and count how many people come out of the is van. My number is 23, but I could be off by as many as 3.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Biden's Warning

What exactly did Joe Biden mean when he made these comments on Sunday.

Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.

I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate, And he’s gonna need help. And the kind of help he’s gonna need is, he’s gonna need you - not financially to help him - we’re gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.

Very interesting if you start reading between the lines. Colin Powell's comments on Biden's warning.
The problems will always be there and there’s going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now.

World leaders from all around are preparing us for something big. Australian Prime Minster Kevin Rudd said this.

The devastation that could be wreaked by one major nuclear weapons incident alone puts 9/11 and almost everything else [in] to the category of the insignificant.
War is coming be ready.


Did I actually just read this?

I love the Boston Herald, I really do. They report on the stories I usually want to read about. Not like the Globe that reports on real news.

But this story made me throw up in my mouth.

‘Hills’ stud once down on one knee like QB

Boston Herald--“Hills” hottie
Doug Reinhardt has some advice for New England Patriots [team stats] QB/QT Tom Brady [stats] about his bum knee: “Just stick it out,” he said. “It’s tough . . . it’s a brutal surgery.”

Reinhardt, who played minor-league baseball for the Angels and Orioles, had knee surgery before he headed west to “The Hills.”

“When I blew out my knee I was done for the whole season,” he told the Track. “So I was like, OK, I’m just gonna move to L.A.”

Who the fuck is this little shit trying to give advice to the Golden Boy! This guy would be lucky to be a pimple on Brady's ass. I can't believe I just read this.

Its almost Holloween! Lets get creepy!

I think I would have had nightmares last night about the picture from the last post, but my room was way to cold. It was fucking 53 degrees in there when I woke up this morning. One of my roommate still has his freaking window open with a fan in it! Its not fair, he does not get cold. 7% of his body weight is body hair. And that does not include the hair on his head, because he has a bald spot the size of Pangaea.

But for people that are afraid of spiders this might be creepy. Here is a giant spider eating a giant bird.

Giant spider eating a bird caught on camera

Telegraph--Photographs of a giant spider eating a bird in an Australian garden have stunned wildlife experts.

The pictures show the spider with its long black legs wrapped around the body of a dead bird suspended in its web.

The startling images were reportedly taken in Atheron, close to Queensland's tropical north.

Despite their unlikely subject matter, the pictures appear to be real.

Joel Shakespeare, head spider keeper at the Australian Reptile Park, said the spider was a Golden Orb Weaver.

"Normally they prey on large insects… it's unusual to see one eating a bird," he told

Mr Shakepeare said he had seen Golden Orb Weaver spiders as big as a human hand but the northern species in tropical areas were known to grow larger.

Queensland Museum identified the bird as a native finch called the Chestnut-breasted Mannikin.

I once saw a frog eating a bird, that was pretty cool. But a spider catching a a bird in its web, that may be cooler.

Oh, and tonight on the History Channel show Monsterquest goes in search of legendary giant spiders that are large enough to eat dogs.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is this picture real?

This picture is on dlisted today, and to be honest it gives me the hebe jebes. I can watch spooky stuff all day and it won't bother me. Give me a Indonesian exorcism video (below) in the jungle and I won't bat an eyelash.

But in all serious, is this a Halloween costume, a practical joke, or is this how the women applies makeup. Because I need to know. This is the shit that gives me nightmares. I can't even look at this picture without getting shivers down my spine. Am I the only one?

Picture of the day

Funny Pictures

Bigfoot news

Back in August when the Georgia frauds said they had a stuffed bigfoot costume, I posted that a Japanese team just set off for the Himalayas in search of the Yeti. Well they supposedly found a footprint. And I am calling hoax right now. This is not a footprint of a animal this is a human footprint.

Japanese team finds 'yeti footprints' in Nepal

KATHMANDU (AFP) — A team of Japanese adventurers say they have discovered footprints they believe were made by the legendary yeti said to roam the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet.

"The footprints were about 20 centimetres (eight inches) long and looked like a human's," Yoshiteru Takahashi, the leader of the Yeti Project Japan, told AFP in Kathmandu on Monday.

Takahashi was speaking after he returned with his seven-member team from their third attempt to track down the half-man-half-ape, tales of which have gripped the imaginations of Western adventurers and mountaineers for decades.

Despite spending 42 days on Dhaulagiri IV -- a 7,661-metre (25,135-foot) peak where they say they have seen traces of yetis in the past -- the team failed in their prime objective of capturing one on film.

But Takahashi said the footprints were proof enough.

"Myself and other team members have been coming to the Himalayas for years and we can recognise bear, deer, wolf and snow leopard prints and it was none of those," he said.

Lets compare the print from above to the one Josh Gates found in the Himalayas last year.

Its night and day. Not even close to the same. Gates actually captured thermal imaging footage of a large bipedal creature right before he found the print.

I hope the Japanese team is not fooling anybody. This is obvious a human footprint. Probably someone had to take a leak in the middle of the night, and couldn't find their boots.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picture of the day

There is just funny horse stories everywhere now.

Oh, that thing in the sky with a shooting laser. Don't worry its just a Chinese lantern

Remember the Irish UFO story.

It had this video.

Well the latest explanation is that it is Chinese lanterns.

Light shed on the Meath UFOs X-File

Footage of ‘flying saucers’ that caused a buzz around the world is revealed to be Chinese lanterns from a wedding

Times Online--The truth may well be out there, but it’s not in the skies above Co Meath. Amateur Mulder and Scullys who thought they’d found “proof” of UFOs in the night sky on August 3 can close their X-Files, as there is an earthly explanation for the ethereal objects they filmed.

A video of mysterious illuminated objects floating over Dunboyne was described as “the best UFO footage ever filmed in Ireland and some of the best ever worldwide” by enthusiastic pursuers of alien craft.

The sightings made front-page news, interesting “UFOlogists” globally, according to Carl Nally, co-founder of Paranormal Research Ireland and joint author of Conspiracy of Silence: UFOs in Ireland.

But newlyweds Andrea and Lynden James have a far more prosaic explanation. “At our wedding reception in Dunboyne Castle hotel on August 3, we released about 25 Chinese lanterns to celebrate our vows,” Andrea said. “We’ve seen the images and there’s no doubt about it: they’re our lanterns.”

Andrea, a lawyer, said the lanterns, made from woven rice paper with a candle inside, are an ancient Chinese custom.

“You make a wish before sending them up and they bring good luck. We had about 60 but because it was so gusty, we only sent up about 25. They were moving quite quickly so they may have looked strange.”

The 30in lanterns fly like hot-air balloons, reaching heights of 3,000ft.

Andrea said she and her husband, a detective, had alerted the Irish Aviation Authority before releasing the lanterns. “We had written permission, so if anyone had checked, they would have known what we did,” she said.

The footage of UFOs over Dunboyne was filmed on a camera phone at 10.35pm, soon after the couple released their lanterns. It was captured by a garda from Portlaoise who reportedly leapt from his car to film the triangular objects. It was replayed several times to 70 delegates at a UFO conference in Carrick-on-Shannon last month, and again at a convention on the paranormal in Clontarf Castle yesterday.

Nally, though, remains convinced of the veracity of the footage: “I am very familiar with Chinese lanterns. It’s just a coincidence that there were some released on that night. The footage we have is the real deal and shows a red beam shooting down to the ground — that couldn’t be just a lantern.”

So let me get this straight.

This is suppose to be


Hmmm...Seriously why not a weather balloon, or a satellite. Balloons with lights attached to them is the most common excuse nowadays.

You decide on your own.

Whats new

Well I have been bogged down at theLucky's global headquarters the last few days. Usually the first few days of cold weather shuts down my movement. I am like a reptile, once I get cold I stop moving. I have the coldest apartment in the world, and usually I just huddle in a warm corner.

I know its not that cold yet, but I hate the cold. I can also tell this weather is doing something strange to the animals. I live in the ultimate urban location. I can't not see the start at night, due to light pollution. The only animals I ever see are rats, squirrels, and pigeons.

But for some reason we had a giant raccoon outside of our apartment last night. It was just chilling on our steps. But we are not use to such wildlife and were a little afraid to walk by it. By no means did it look rabid, it was playing in our flower box. We just had no idea how to deal with the situation. So instead of running to the convenience store for chips for MNF, I was held hostage by a raccoon.