Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weird way to drink yourself to death

Aquaholic drinks himself to death by gorging on a hosepipe

Daily Mail--Fatal attraction: Due to a bizarre condition, Andrew Else drank so much water from a garden hose that his heart failed

A man suffering from a rare 'aquaholic' thirst was found dead after drinking a massive volume of water directly from a garden hose, an inquest has heard.

Andrew Else, 51, was found drenched and lifeless outside his care home after staff spotted him drinking from the hose.

He is said to have developed an unquenchable thirst after suffering a stomach condition in his 20s.

He would go to extreme lengths to satisfy his cravings, regularly drinking from bathroom taps.

Staff at the home were told to monitor him after he was seen drinking from the hosepipe but he was soon spotted again standing by the tap in soaking clothes.

Mr Else was given medication but was later discovered lying in a pool of water by the hose.

He was pronounced dead at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, and a post-mortem revealed he had died as a result of over-consumption of water.

This is just bizarre and strange. I have heard of many cases of hyponatremia before, but nothing like this. Usually when someone drinks too much water for a race or a bet.

When I first saw the title of this I thought it was going to be a Leaving Las Vegas type of story, but I wasn't ready for death by garden hose. I feel bad, this must have been a horrible condition to have. Imagine always being thirsty? That is torture. I guess it is a little bit better than being always hungry.

I think I would have to rank death by garden hose water high on my list of horrible ways to go.

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