Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh, that thing in the sky with a shooting laser. Don't worry its just a Chinese lantern

Remember the Irish UFO story.

It had this video.

Well the latest explanation is that it is Chinese lanterns.

Light shed on the Meath UFOs X-File

Footage of ‘flying saucers’ that caused a buzz around the world is revealed to be Chinese lanterns from a wedding

Times Online--The truth may well be out there, but it’s not in the skies above Co Meath. Amateur Mulder and Scullys who thought they’d found “proof” of UFOs in the night sky on August 3 can close their X-Files, as there is an earthly explanation for the ethereal objects they filmed.

A video of mysterious illuminated objects floating over Dunboyne was described as “the best UFO footage ever filmed in Ireland and some of the best ever worldwide” by enthusiastic pursuers of alien craft.

The sightings made front-page news, interesting “UFOlogists” globally, according to Carl Nally, co-founder of Paranormal Research Ireland and joint author of Conspiracy of Silence: UFOs in Ireland.

But newlyweds Andrea and Lynden James have a far more prosaic explanation. “At our wedding reception in Dunboyne Castle hotel on August 3, we released about 25 Chinese lanterns to celebrate our vows,” Andrea said. “We’ve seen the images and there’s no doubt about it: they’re our lanterns.”

Andrea, a lawyer, said the lanterns, made from woven rice paper with a candle inside, are an ancient Chinese custom.

“You make a wish before sending them up and they bring good luck. We had about 60 but because it was so gusty, we only sent up about 25. They were moving quite quickly so they may have looked strange.”

The 30in lanterns fly like hot-air balloons, reaching heights of 3,000ft.

Andrea said she and her husband, a detective, had alerted the Irish Aviation Authority before releasing the lanterns. “We had written permission, so if anyone had checked, they would have known what we did,” she said.

The footage of UFOs over Dunboyne was filmed on a camera phone at 10.35pm, soon after the couple released their lanterns. It was captured by a garda from Portlaoise who reportedly leapt from his car to film the triangular objects. It was replayed several times to 70 delegates at a UFO conference in Carrick-on-Shannon last month, and again at a convention on the paranormal in Clontarf Castle yesterday.

Nally, though, remains convinced of the veracity of the footage: “I am very familiar with Chinese lanterns. It’s just a coincidence that there were some released on that night. The footage we have is the real deal and shows a red beam shooting down to the ground — that couldn’t be just a lantern.”

So let me get this straight.

This is suppose to be


Hmmm...Seriously why not a weather balloon, or a satellite. Balloons with lights attached to them is the most common excuse nowadays.

You decide on your own.

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