Thursday, October 16, 2008

More drunk horses

Pictured: Fat Boy, the pony who got drunk on fermented apples and fell into a swimming pool

Mail Online--It was not Fat Boy the pony's best night. First he ate so many fermented apples that he became drunk.

Then he staggered across a garden and tumbled into a swimming pool.

Unable to extricate himself, he had to endure the final embarrassment of being hauled out by the fire brigade.

It is clear from the picture on the right that the humiliating chain of events left Fat Boy feeling rather long in the face.

However, apart from a probable hangover, he is none the worse for wear after his adventures, his bulk helping him cope with the chilly water of the swimming pool.

His predicament was discovered by 28-year-old Sarah Penhaligon who woke up after hearing a splash from her garden and went outside to find the 12-year-old Moorland Pony in some distress.

'When I looked outside I saw this massive animal in the dark and I thought the Beast of Bodmin was in the pool.

didn't have a clue what to do next - who do you call when there's a horse stuck in your swimming pool?

'He looked a bit panicked,' Miss Penhaligon added.

'He was trying to get out but couldn't manage it and was getting very tired.'

She said she sat down next to him and tried to calm him down - by feeding him more apples.

Fat Boy had escaped from the nearby Trenance Riding Stables in Newquay, Cornwall, and broken into Miss Penhaligon's garden where he gorged on rotting fruit on the ground - which had begun to ferment and produce alcohol.

Well, second drunk horse story of the week. We could be looking at a trend here. As the economy suffers, horses take it up alcohol.

When I was in college my lymnology professor told of a story of a cow that ate too many fermented apples. This cow gorged him self on rotten apples all day and ended up drunk. It then proceeded to fall off a bridge and on to a car below.

Now what I can't believe is that dumb kids haven't found this out yet. If animals are getting high off rotten apples why aren't kids? I was dumb once, I've done some stupid things. I have a friend that use to look for cow poop to see if mushrooms were growing in it. I guarantee that fungus growing out of cow turds tastes worse than rotten fruit.

I'm disappointed in the youth of today.

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