Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is why I think I could never be a parent, my daughter would never see the light of day again if she did this. But as a guy these are the chicks I go for, EXCEPT older!

Teens become mobile billboards at Sydney beach

IT'S the sunbathing stunt that's leaving an impression on young girls' backs - and on child protection authorities, who say the youngsters are "asking for trouble".

The Daily Telegraph--Last week, bikini-clad girls aged just 14 and 15 were photographed lying on Manly Beach with their mobile phone numbers printed on their backs in blue zinc cream.

The group, who had travelled from western Sydney for the day, said they wanted to meet boys and were hoping the unorthodox strategy would encourage them to make contact.

A 15-year-old, identified only as Samantha, told The Manly Daily that she was happy to attract attention - despite not having any intention of following up on it.

"We come for both the beach and the boys, but I'm taken, so it's all good," she said.

"I got a message and it said, 'Your friends are hot' - but what about me?"

Her 15-year-old friend Lizzy admitted the stunt had already netted at least one unwanted advance: "An old guy tried to talk to me. He was trying to take pictures of us," she said.

Those comments alarmed child protection experts yesterday, who cautioned other teens against following the girls' lead.

The scenes, which were seen at Cronulla last week, had dangerous implications for teens, according to Girlforce author Nikki Goldstein.

"We'd never advise girls to broadcast their phone number on the internet or anywhere that could make them a target," she said.

"They're in their bikinis, showing off their bodies, objectifying themselves in a way that is, to my mind, a bit trashy. Really what they're saying is 'Dial me up for sex' . . . when they're actually below the age of consent."

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