Friday, October 3, 2008

Web Bot Project

The Web Bot Project is nothing more than a computer program that searches for keywords in the internet, something like google. It was designed to assist in determining risk in the stock market.

I not sure how it works but it uses something called "spiders" that take snap shots of words and the text that follows them. This is then all sent to a central computer. From there the computer gives it a meaning.

This was all created in the early 90s, but in 2001 programmers started noticing a trend. The Web Bot started accurately predicting what would happen in the stock market.

But its big predictions that year occurred on June of 2001, that there would be an occurrence of such proportion that it's effects would be felt worldwide, in the next 60-90 days. Well 60-90 days later September 11 happened. The Web Bot prediction for Sept 11 said the event would occur for 10 days. I guess that can be debated.

Lets see how Web Bot did in its 2008 predictions.

January 2008

*January “secrets Revealed” something comes out
that is ‘unauditable’ and we see some of the
presidential wannbe’s pull out of the race over
disclosures of their links to what in model space
is the finance/powers-that-be.

*USA-Pop begins a shift out of paper assets into
defensive positions to protect their retirements
which will be coming into question. Perhaps due
in part to the continuing CMO/CDO paper
collapse and how much has gone into pension

February 2008

*Acceleration in the ‘employment crash” meme,
construction slows dramatically including commercial.

*Due to high prices, food enters its ‘encounters with
scarcity’ and gasoline soars (due to falling dollar)

*Key: People’s ability to live is tied to debt – and with
credit card defaults expected to rise in this period, the
widespread repudiation of credit card debt will mark
the emergence of the civil disobedience meme to the
corporate cannibalism/powers that be/global elite if
you want to think of it that way.

March 2008

*Again, in modelspace we have the “millions of small
[financial] particles causing problems – repudiation
of credit card debt.

*Late March we see a female leader/figure emerge who
will begin to fill a role as ‘social unifier’ for the
financial rebellion/revolution meme. Most likely, she
will be from south/central American highlands and her
visibility and prestige will grow in national media
over the summer.

April 2008

*Like to see a widespread tax rebellion – people
putting in phony claims for refunds, delaying
filing, and so forth as we see dollar crashing,
market declining and so forth with lack of
government fix.

*Natural Disaster: We get high winds/damaging
rains over wide enough area to feed another
modelspace meme: Diaspora (population in
forced relocation). Incredible tornado season
with heavy rains or out of season hurricane, that
kind of thing and a lack of government response.

May-June 2008

*More of the same – but somewhere in here we
get a temporal marker as a group of veterans
takes over a national monument and the powers-
that-be stand down because of the media

*Also in this period we see calls for an early
election as the government response to the
natural disaster earlier in the year will be judged
a failure and the economy will be in full-scale
slide now.

Summer 2008

*Tensions build in cities, encounters scarcity (.e.g.
food/fuel) are about

*The populace of the US impacted by a condition
like post traumatic stress – about the best we can
wrap our heads around it, it will be something
like “time shocked” or “time stunned”

*Just as you wrap you head around one big
change, another will come along bigger and
harder to absorb

September 2008

*Mood of the population improves: People
have a renewed sense of optimism that the
corporate/elite can and will be replaced in the
elections and the ‘us against them’ grows

*Possibility that elections will be held early, but
it could just be language around that meme

October 2008

*Global emotional release event begins –
largely economic.

*Think of the US economy as a lit fuse that is lit
over the early part of 2008

*In late 2008 the rest of the world’s currencies
are ‘touched off’ by the dollar and US decline.

*May be a global replay of what the 1932 bond
crash in the Great Depression was.

Balance of 2008

*Bad gets worse

*Highest payoff hedges for most people today will likely
– Debt reductions
– Getting in shape
– Having modest stores of food/clothing
– Agile mindset to adapt/cope with any change
– Fallback and backup plans – like relatives in another
city/state – that kind of thing.
– Learning to think independently and get a vision of the
future before it arrives so you can move ahead of crowds
and thus maintain your freedom of action

2009 Global Coastal Event

*The bigger things are in modelspace, the more lead time
we get

*Collapse of the dollar has been in modelspace for 2 ½ years
or so. Even longer has been Global Coastal event.

*Global Coast Event likely in early to mid 2009

*Permanent loss of low lying territory globally but one
continent in particular get hit badly. We don’t know which
one, but we hope it’s like a Greenland or some not heavily
populated area. (*working on this now, but it’s at the limit
of our software)

*Places to avoid: anything at sea level (Bangladesh/Florida/


Not too shabby I would say. But recent Web Bot predictions are saying that something big is going to happen next week.

Beginning on October 7, 2008 and running through March 2009, they foresee a calamitous period on an epic scale. America will be beset by a variety of problems, which they broke down as 45-48% related to the economy, 40% concerning the military, and the rest associated with natural disasters. Between 2 and 22 million lives could be lost or seriously impacted, they estimated, possibly related to a "global coastal event" in 2009. On Dec. 10-12th, 2008, a large quake could hit the Pacific Northwest, they added.


In a previous post, using Reinhardt method I have said that the Market will take a huge hit on October 6th. That will mostly effect Seattle based companies.

This could be what the Web Bot is predicting. Also there is a Presidential debate schedule for the 7th. Lets hope that nothing happens with that.

Now lets hope I am wrong with all of this, I really don't think the economy can take another blow. But in my stomach I feel like something bad is building, the precursors are everywhere.

BTW, Web Bot is predicting the world will end in 2012. Which really is nothing new. You can find this prediction on the walls in the Denver Airport, and pretty much all over the web. I have seen a lot of the end of the world predictions, and they all have been wrong. I think we will still be around come beginning of 2013. Well some of us will still be here.


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