Thursday, October 16, 2008

The UK plans on spying on you

Government unveils 'Big Brother' plan: Now they want to snoop on every phone call, email and text message
Mail Online--Plans for a massive expansion of ‘Big Brother’ state surveillance to cover every phone call, email, text message and internet visit in Britain were unveiled yesterday.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed
that storing details of individuals’ communications was vital to prevent further terrorist atrocities.

Activities which will be subject to snooping for the first time include visits
to social networking sites such as Facebook, auction sites such as eBay, gaming websites and chatrooms.

Police and security services will not be
able to access the precise content but will know each site visited, and to whom and when a phone call, text message or email was sent.

If this sets alarm bells ringing, they could seek a Ministerial warrant to intercept exactly what is being sent, including the content.

The billions of pieces of data are likely
to be stored for a year or more. The cost
is estimated to be at least £1billion, and
could be far higher.

Last night MPs and privacy groups attacked the proposals as 'Stalinist', 'Orwellian' and a reversal of the presumption that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

One opponent said: ‘They are making us all suspects.’

A leaked memo written by sources close to the project revealed it was fraught with technical difficulties.

Officials are split between placing the vast amount of data to be collected on a huge central Government database or forcing service providers to store the information,
to be accessed on demand.

Its not long before the US government starts doing the same exact shit. The Facebook spying is nothing new. More and more major governments are tossing away peoples civil liberties, and the herded sheep are letting it happen.

Just this week I got a corporate wide email from my work stating that US Customs Authorities have the right to confiscate your lab top, download all materials in your lab top and give it back to you. This is a new amendment in the Patriot Act.

This is not what the country was founded on. People are forgetting what is in our Bill of Rights.

As time will pass, the governments around the world will be able to track your every movement, listen to your phone calls, read your emails, and if the governments continue to buy into banks they will track your financial records.

This is a scary time in the world.

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