Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nut jobs hullcinating again

This was in the Boston Herald this morning.

Faithful see Virgin Mary’s image

The light-infused image that appeared in a Springfield hospital window was an unmistakable apparition of the Virgin Mary, say several dumbfounded Catholics who believe they witnessed a “message from God.”

“I was amazed that she was there, but she was,” said Kevin Leeman, a maintenance worker at Sacred Heart Catholic Church who joined hundreds over the past two days to pray outside Mercy Medical Center. “I have never seen anything like it. It was a spiritual experience.”

“You couldn’t get a better image of the picture of Mary,” said Patrick Renaud, 40, of Springfield, who prayed that Mary would heal his mother’s ailing back. “I think it’s some kind of message from God.”

Now I like to keep a open mind about things, but this ain't no Virgin Mary. And for the record, Mary was no virgin either. These people that flock to see this image are clearly nuts and have poor vision. If they would take a closer look at the window they would see that it is obviously bigfoot.

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