Monday, October 6, 2008

Am I too old to go to Octoberfest?

The answer is no. A guy in the (very) low thirties is not too old for Octoberfest. I really didn't think anything about this, but apparently I am finding out that people think that this is only for college kids, or kids out of college. Well screw you for the people that think that.

Its beer, lots of it. Bratwursts, lots of them. Music, all different kinds. I'm kinda in to the polka stuff. And random stuff, like keg bowling and eating competitions. So when did this only become for people in their 20s?The most important thing is that this event brings out the hot chicks. No where is Boston can you get such a collection of hot chicks at one event.

I feel bad for hot chicks sometimes. Actually not only hot chicks, but any girl that's not shaped liked a iceberg. I started to notice this at the bar on Friday night, and they in was amplified at Octoberfest. There are some guys out there that will hit on anything that moves.

These aren't your typical douchebags, with layers of product in their hair which makes their head look like lawn spikes. Wearing a shirt 2x to small so it can show off their roided muscles. These are not these types of guys.

These are your average Joe's. Normal looking guys that don't work out, don't eat well, and don't properly groom themselves. There tactic is to just throw game at every girl that walks into their perimeter. Strictly a numbers game. If they throw enough shit at the wall, something will bound to stick.These douchebags disgust me. You can be in line waiting to go to the bathroom and these guys are just throwing the kitchen sink at girls. What's your name, I work at a bank, where are you going afterwards, your really pretty, want me to wait for you after you come out, etc etc etc.

I feel so bad for the girls when I see this happen. I just want to grab the guy by the collar and start shaking him and scream at him, "DO YOU KNOW HOW STUPID YOU SOUND"? Then point out that they have dried mustard on the side of there mouth.

At Octoberfest I termed this tactic douchekrieg. Its nothing more than a straight assault of unwanted douche.
Usually guys work in pairs for this tactic, and will try and isolate one girl from the rest of her friends. It can be a complete buzz kill for me when I see this going on. I am just so glad that I am not a girl.


CHG said...

Welcome to my life.

Anonymous said...

And where do you fall in this category? You have been seen quite often douchekriegin!

Anonymous said...

Don't you go to weddings and try to score? how is that any different? It's probably worse.

Anonymous said...

He is actually a closet douchbag who douchekriegs all the time. He is more guilty than anyone. Somehow he is the "white knight", that is BS.