Monday, October 6, 2008

Headline of the day

Lost man crashes his 4WD into map shop

A MAN said he was confused about his route before he drove through the front window of a map store in his four-wheel drive.

CourierMail---New Yorker Rodney Bailey said he was disoriented after leaving a parking garage at about 8am Thursday and made a right turn that landed him and his Ford Expedition inside a Hagstrom Map shop, the New York Post reports.

Police said two women were clipped by the Sport Utility Vehicle and they were hospitalised with non-critical injuries.

The crash was ruled an accident by police and Bailey was not charged with any wrongdoing.

The map store re-opened later in the day despite the loss of a plate glass window.

Well that is convenient. If you're lost and going to drive through a store, it might as well be a map store.

My mom just got one of those car navigation systems. Which is good, because she never has any idea where she is going. But she also never leaves the house, so I am wondering when she is going to use it. I am also wondering if she will be able to navigate the navigation system. Anything with a on/off button usually confuses my mom, and I will need to explain it to her. I should probably give her a call, see if she got it to work.

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