Monday, October 27, 2008

Giant Douche vs a Turd Sandwich

Well its getting to be close to that time. The time where we pick between a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich to lead our country. I really don't like politics, in fact I despise them. When laws are passed in this country its not about what is right or wrong, or if they actually help the people. It really comes down to which lobbyist is willing to shell out the most money. I find this disgusting.

Election day is the day for the sheep. The sheep venture out and think that their vote is going to make a difference. Well it doesn't. In the US you don't vote for the candidates, but for electors. Each state has x=n electors. These electors can pick any candidate they want. If a whole freaking state all vote for McCain, the electors could still pick Obama. This doesn't make sense.

The person with the most votes doesn't necessarily mean that they will when. In 2000 Al Gore had more votes than George Bush, but he still lost. But the sheep don't really think in these lines. They believe that standing outside on a cold November morning holding a sign will influence people to change their vote.

Those political signs are just so boring. Everybody has the same stupid signs. Where is the originality?
I think people should make their own signs, instead of standard issue signs. I think people should take a page out of ESPN gameday signs that people make.

You can get your message across, and use that thing that sits own your neck to be a little bit creative.

I really don't think it matters who we vote for president. I think we are all fucked. I think war is on the horizon. It doesn't matter who is in office.

A while back I guess I was a Hilary fan. But that was only because of Bill. The country ran smoothly when we was around. Who cares if a intern was sucking him off. We weren't at war, the world still sort of liked us, and we had money in our 401Ks.

So America has a tough decision coming up next week. Its not as easy as "Forward with Fung".
Most Americans will choose between Obama and McCain because of the issues. Well I guess that's OK. I am wondering how many people will pick McCain because Sarah Palin is a sexpot.
Who cares what she babbles out of her mouth. She looks good doing it. She may be the stupidest VP since Dan Quayle.

But the real wild card for this election is McCain's daughter. Meghan McCain is just waiting to whore herself out to America. She has already said she will get a tattoo of "live free or die" on her if her dad wins New Hampshire. And you know the tat will end up right above her ass. She will get some nice ass antlers going. That is of course if she doesn't have them already.

But if she does end up in the White House, mark my words, there is going to be some story that comes out about her that deals with sex. A video, maybe gangbang rumors, possibly her affinity for the 2 hole, something will come out.

But I guess after you get passed the sex appeal on the GOP ticket, they really don't have much else. Well unless you really want to see a war in Iran. I guess in the end I think I need to see a little change.
But come election day when the whole country is watching election results, I won't, because in the end it doesn't make a difference.

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