Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to ruin a perfectly good morning

So this morning I woke up in a good mood. I had two consecutive nights without a roommate blantenly tyring to wake me up. I have been sick the last few days and started feeling better. The rain seemed to have stopped, and its pretty warm for a October morning. And its Thursday, the week is almost over.

Then I started my daily pilmagrige to work. I take the Redline at Park St every morning. But who do I see at quarter to 7 this morning, my neighbor. My neighbor is a Sammy Davis impersonator. You probably seen him around, he is every where.

Here he is.

Yes, I live next to this guy. He is more out of place in the neighborhood than me. Someone once told me that the house where this guy lives is a half way house. Which would make perfect sense, since there is some shady dudes in there.

Well my neighbor is doing his Sammy Davis thing, and it just sounds like crap. And its fucking loud as hell. I could not turn up my Ipod loud enough to drown out his squealing. I wanted to give him some $1 just to be quite, but I thought better of it, since I needed those $1 for vending machines later.

But I am serious, next time me and him meet in our alley way with bags of trash in our hands, I am saying something to him. There is no reason why this guy needs to be singing that freaking loud at the time in the morning. People are still picking eye boogers out, and are on their first cup of coffee. He needs to save that for later in the day. And he needs another gig.

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