Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monday Morning Wedding Quarterbacking

So I went to my buddy's wedding yesterday. I knew it was going to be a blast, but had no idea this was going to lead me into a battle of good vs evil. Leading up to the wedding I had three questions for my friend: is it open bar, will there be scallops wrapped in bacon served, and will there be any chicks there? These are all quite obvious questions for any single guy. The answer were: only for a hour, yes, and slim pickings.

Slim pickings? He said there is one chick but she is really hot. (Like this is a bad thing.) So I said fine, I'll give it a whirl. Because previously I had great success at weddings. And I also realized that all my friends that were still single are rejects (even more worse than me). So I figured there wouldn't be much competition. Informing my single friends of the slim pickings, and telling them of the alleged hotness of the one single girl, then knew they had no shot (because their rejects). So they were all rooting against me. Every slip up along the way, they will be laughing at me.

But lets, lets go over some quick highlights of the wedding night.

  • My roommate's camera batteries died, so instead of putting new batteries in it he went Neanderthal with it. He thought smashing it on the table would get it to work. But no. Its obvious that when smashing doesn't work, then the only way to fix is to submerge it in a glass of water. Charlanderthal later lost his shoes that night. Yes, he lost his shoes. Reports later had him discovering fire and making tools.

  • My other friend pulled his dick out and placed it on the table. Twice. In the middle of the reception. I guess he thought it went well with the mashed potatoes.

  • Catch phrases for the wedding was, "cunt goalie" and "default on her face". We tried to work these phrases into most topics.

  • The grooms older brother thought it was a good idea to capture the mood of his brother's wedding night by having all of us crash into his brothers room, after we emptied out of the bars. Instead of getting it on, they had to deal with our drunk asses. There was rose petals on the bed and all over the floor. I felt totally out of place. We smashed some beers in there, and then pocketed a bunch. Charlanderthal ended up passing our in their bed. And managed to get rose petals shoved up his nose.

  • My friend Slush has a inexplicable extreme hatred for cab drivers. And should seek counseling.

So the hot chick was hot. Defiantly too hot for me. But I said fuck it I'll go for it. After talking a lot of pre-game smack I knew I had to give it a shot.

So shortly before dinner was served, I tried to kick my game. You know, I thought it went well. I was looking sharp, was funny, charming, my aura was totally kicking. Conversation was going well, I was getting some good subconscious cues too. Most people will just pick up on eye contact, but there is a lot of little things, like body positioning, dilated pupils, touching of the hair, and not looking around the room. I thought I did a good job covering up the fact that I had been drinking all day, and cracked my first PBR pounder at 11 that morning.

At dinner a little a bit of doubt was going through my mind.

  • Had a table of people that was dying to see me fail.

  • Just realized that I have hooked up with two people sitting at her table. But nothing too serious, just like second base or something. Wasn't too worried.

  • Realized that one of the people I hooked up with was her friend that she came with. And didn't even recognize her. But that's not really my fault, she changed her hair color and totally got hotter. I am a simple male, such drastic changes confuses me.

  • I knew at some point I would have to explain why people call me Lucky. Which has nothing to do with me being lucky with ladies. It actually has to deal with me being very unlucky in a lot of things. Chicks being one of them. But still every time I explain this, I am not sure people really believe me.

  • And Charlanderthal was already blacking out.

So after dinner I was planning throwing what ever I got out on the table. As in my game, not like my friend that put his junk on the table.

However, out of no where this douchebag wearing a tight v-neck t-shirt shows up. What the fuck was he doing at the wedding? He came out of no where, like poof, out of thin air. I decided to name him Douchie McDouche. And just like flys on shit, he went straight to my hot chick. I found out the next day that this guy was a friends friend or something, and also has a girlfriend.

So this guy was all over this chick. I held my ground, showed patience. I finally saw a douche free moment, so I went in. I was going to finishing up this wedding strong. I have no idea what I was saying but it was working. Douchie McDouche tried to butt in a few times, but he kept coming up empty.

Douchie McDouche finally backed off, but held his ground. He kept circling us like a shark, but finally he disappeared for good. I was like hooray! I slayed the douche dragon, bring out some more scallops wrapped in bacon.

So the wedding ended at 11, so the wedding all decided to go to a bar. At this point me and the hot chick walked to the bar together we are the first ones there. Everything seems to be going fine, but out of no where Douchie McDouche shows up. This time he brought his douchie friends. They were wearing tight v-neck t-shirts as well. Its like what the fuck? Was there some rip in the fabric of time and was Douchie McDouche was sent here from the Jersey Shore to cock block me?

At this point I was drunk, like really drunk. I was surrounded by douche, and it seemed the hot chick malfunctioned because the douche overload. I sort of backed off. I realized the only way to get back into the game was a douche bag move myself. I could try some cheezy lines, or position myself for my own cock block. But did I really want to do that? I would be turning myself into the one thing I despise the most, a douche.

I ended up waving the white flag, and retreating. I went into the game over my head. I wasn't really looking to "get lucky" or default on her face. She was a very nice girl that had her shit together. I would have considered a victory maybe some digits or even a good night hand shake.

As I crawled back to my friends they wanted answers to what happened. For which I didn't have many. I really wasn't sure where I went wrong. (The beer is a good place to start.) My friends brought forth my failures. Ended up being the punch line of many jokes. But I would do nothing different. I will always be fighting the epic battle of good vs evil, or as I see it douche vs non douche.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Sex Files

Los Angeles (E! Online) - The truth is out there, whether we want it or not.

David Duchovny has checked into rehab to undergo treatment for sex addiction, E! News has confirmed.
"I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction," Duchovny said in a statement released Thursday by his attorney, Stanton "Larry" Stein. "I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family."
The 48-year-old X-Files star—who, ironically, won a Golden Globe this year for playing an over-sexed struggling writer on Showtime's Californication—has been married to Téa Leoni since May 1997. They have two children together, daughter Madelaine West, 9, and son Kyd Miller, 6.
"All of us at Showtime wish David and his family the best during this very private time," Richard Licata, the network's executive VP of Corporate Communications, said in a statement to E! News.
I don't believe there is such a thing as a sex addict. I think you may have problems if you don't like sex. This is just a lame reason for trying to get out of admitting that you cheated on your wife.

Traffic reporter owns dumb driver

Who knew traffic reporters could be so funny.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yummm... Rat

Telegraph---Vijay Prakash, the welfare minister in Bihar state in eastern India, said he wanted to set up rat farms and sell the meat to upmarket hotels, street stalls and restaurants.

The project will start with stalls in rural fairs followed by "rat meat centres" in urban areas.

The 2.3 million members of the Musahar caste, one of the poorest in India, have traditionally eaten rats that they hunted in paddy fields.

Now Mr Prakash says rich people should also sample the meat, which he said was full of protein and tasted better than chicken.

"Some socially deprived people in Bihar have always consumed rat meat," he said. "If they can eat rats, why can't the rest of the people?

Most people fell like rats are nuisance, well not in India. They are the latest snack food trend. Just think fried rat, baked rat, broiled rat, beer batter rat, pickled rat, rat sushi, rat chili, the possibilities are endless. I have always been a fan of the rat. Next to man they are the most successful mammal on the planet.

Picture of the day

As I have said before, if there are pictures of you are the web I will find them. This is my roommate, no not this one. He went to some Buffet thing the other night, and I found the pic here.

I guess when him and his girlfriend were there, they both didn't eat anything before hand. So they were both starving. He ended up giving a barback $30 buck for two burgers from the kitchen. Just burgers, no fries, just a burger on a bun. I guess there was free booze for a hour there, and this was his reasoning on spending $15 for a burger. That's like the price of a burger at Houstons. But you get fries there.


I have never heard of Untersberg until this week. And its a fascinating story. Its a mountain in Germany, that has a long history. Main of its caves have yet to be explored. A recent expedition reached depths of 1056 meters, before they were forced to turn around. There is also a lake in the mountain with a depth of 930 meters. Picture from inside the mountain.

History buffs should be familiar with the name. Hitler's mountain getaway had a stunning view of the mountain.
Hitler was obsessed with this mountain. He had a telescope pointed directly at the mountain. Here is the telescope.
We have all heard of the stories behind the Bermuda Triangle. Ships, planes, people disappearing right out of thin air. Only to reappear minutes, hours, days later. With no recollection anything has happened. People would disappear for days and reappear with no growth of facial hair, watches still set the same for when they vanished, and usually no idea that they were even missing.

Well many people around Untersberg also experience 'missing time'. There are also reports of little people coming out of the mountain and little people flying aircraft around the mountain.

The most famous of these stories occurred in 1987. Where three people enter the mountain and simply disappeared. No trace was ever found of them, except for there car parked near by. That is until three months later where they called relatives on a ship heading to Egypt. They had no recollection of how they got there.

Once returned to Germany the story changed. They have claimed to have taken a train Villach and then mistaken walked across the border to Yugoslavia. At that time the Yugoslavian border was hundreds of miles away. Their claims were they got afraid they would be caught in Yugoslavia without a passport, so they kept walking. All the way to Egypt?

So they managed to claim that they traveled through 6 countries in three months on foot without passports.

Now on to the history and legends:
  • The Untersberg – called "sleeping dragon" by the Dali Lama. The myths tell about time portals, lost persons and wondrous mountain dwellers like dwarfs. According to a legend, these dwarfs digged out the more than 400 caves in the Untersberg. But this is only one of many speculations about the mountain.
  • It is rumored, that emperor Karl the Great (similar is claimed about Friedrich Barbarossa) sleeps in the mountain in a subterrainian throne room together with his truthful knights and dwarfs for more than a thousand years. He´ll awake to the last battle between Good an Evil, when his beard has grown around his marmor table 3 times and the ravens don´t fly around the mountain peaks anymore.
  • Many legends deal with disappearance. Once, a lost hunter is said to have suddenly appeared to his own mourning service one year after his disappearance. According to another myth, an entire wedding company including the band disappeared in the Untersberg for 100 years.
A 18th century plaque near the mountain states:"Untersberg People" are dwarfs, very ancient, knowledgable about magic, good-hearted but sometimes mischiveous and mean. On their body they have a big head, smart eyes and grey skin.

There are stories from 1529 of elaborate tunnels systems that lead to buildings, temples, fruit trees, and fountains. That are suppose to be there for old souls that have did well in life. Here is a picture of the church which is suppose to lead to these tunnels. This church has a very strong magnetic anomaly to it, and the surroundings. And so does the whole mountain. People that travel to it (only by boat) get sick, because of the strong magnetic force there.

There are many areas that now surround the church that are off limits and have posted no trespassing sings. Odd for being in the middle of now where.

One reason that drew Hilter to this mountain was because of the tunnel systems. The Nazi created some, but many were already there.

There is a story of a hunter from 1738 that went missing at the mountain, only to appear at his funeral. His name was Michael Hulzogger and his disappearance is recorded in the Farmers Almanac for that year. He only confessed what happened to him to one person, and that was Archbishop Firman of Salzburg. The Archbishop quit his position after hearing his confession.

Still to this day there are numerous missing people reports from this area. People just vanish. I think its a cool story that should be shared, because there has been no research done on it. I am just scratching the surface on this, still lots to learn.

thanks to ATS for bringing this to my attention

Update: Swedish sea monter

Here is the video. Can't understand Swedish. Looks interesting.

Swedish sea monster

God, I am rocking a major hang over today. But one way to cure a hang over is a good sea monster story. This is straight off the presses. Only have one picture, I will be trying to get the video later.
But it looks like a silver blob.

Swedish sea monster 'caught on film'

A group of filmmakers claim to have successfully captured Sweden’s legendary Great Lake Sea Monster (Storsjöodjuret), which is said to lurk in the waters of the Storsjön outside Östersund in northern Sweden.

A film crew which set up cameras on one of the lake’s islets last spring now say that they have an image of the seamonster, according to Svergies Television.

The film clip shows a blurry, long and narrow silhouette moving in the lake’s depths.

“It clearly shows that it’s warm and is made up of cells, otherwise our cameras wouldn’t indicate red, so it can be a sea snake or some other kind of sea animal,” said a female member of the film crew to Sveriges Television news in Jämtland.

The effort to find the monster has generated a great deal of interest, with the American television network NBC planning to document the hunt.

Next summer, the number of special cameras placed in the lake will increase to thirty.

This isn’t the first time that crews have hunted for the Great Lake Sea Monster.

Back in 1894, a Swedish sea captain named Dedering created a stock company with the express purpose of catching the renowned beast.

The hunt, which was also sponsored in part by King Oscar II, even featured whale harpooners.

In 1986, Jämtland’s county administrative board banned anyone from “killing, injuring, or trapping a live animal such as the Great Lake Sea Monster” or from “removing or injuring the Great Lake Sea Monster’s eggs, roe, or dwelling”.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Picture of the day

Galapagos-A rare white whale.

Hey! Its time for the Democratic National Convention

Remember when this thing was in Boston? Everyone thought there would be people everywhere, lots of traffic, no cabs, no nothing. People took the week off from work, and some even left the city completely. Well the city was a ghost town, and it was great. I didn't even need to push through globs of tourists.

I really don't like politics too much. Not really a need to worry about them too much in my life. But here is a video from the DNC this week. Its seems China had it right about Olympic protesters. No one should have the right to protest against the government. Even a women's group (Code Pink) that is against a pointless war.

Yawn! Can someone wake me when we are a fascist state. Oh wait...

Diddy says oil price is to high to fly

Screw Burger King is open late, Diddy is taking on Big Oil. When Diddy talks shit happens.

Dumb ass of the day

I never understood why someone would try and rob a gun store. There are just guns everywhere, and sometimes even dogs.

Italian Air Force has UFO website.

So if you go the the Italian Air Force website. They have a section dedicated to UFOs. Not much to see there, expect that another major government has come out and released their findings. Lets see, that makes Italy, France, England, and Brazil.

Major props to Internos for the find.

Work Field Trip

So I am suppose to go on this work summer outing this afternoon. Its on some island off the coast. The purpose is for team building or some other work B.S. So I am thinking about blowing it off. The main reason is that no one I like is going. And the other reason is I went to the islands web site. And saw these pictures. Whats the deal here? Is the boat that is suppose to take me to this island have a DeLorean engine and a Flux Capacitor set at 1.21 gigawatts? Am I going back to 1985?
Then I saw the list of possible activities.
  • Scavenger Hunt—Clues will take you around the island to collect hints and take pictures of your group. Be prepared to spend approximately 1 hour. The winning team will collect a prize before leaving. Additional prizes are encouraged if you like
  • Guided Tours—An educated tour guide will show you the unique features on Thompson Island like the salt marsh and farm animals. She'll also detail the island's history as an educational facility dating back to 1833.
  • Sprinklers
    We'll turn 'em on; you run through 'em.
  • Clown
    Includes face painting, magic show, balloon sculptures and general clowning around. Ask about the travelling clown.
  • Backyard Fun—
    A Games Coordinator will organize sports included in our complimentary package, plus three of the following relay races. You are encouraged to bring prizes.
    • Egg & spoon
    • Bottle fill relay
    • Egg & armpit relay
    • Bouncy ball relay
    • Water balloon toss
    • Tug o’ War
    • Hula Hoop contest
    • Sack race
    • Ball in the back relay
    • Coin, book & ball relay
This suppose to be a trip with mostly PhDs, MDs, and possibly one S.O.B, and it looks like we are going to summer camp at Camp North Star. I swear if I go to this thing and there is a clown there, I am going to make his ass work. I will be coming home with a army of balloon rats.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What would other school's ads be?

So I have been thinking about about the Umass Amherst ad which states that 3 out of 4 students say no when offered a drink. It got me thinking, what if other schools did research on their student body, what would their slogans be?

Boston College: 3 out of 4 of our students think our school is better than yours.

San Diego State: 3 out 4 of our students are at the beach right now.

Smith College: 3 out of 4 of our students are Lesbians.

Rutgers: 3 out of 4 students have a STD.

Florida University: 3 out of 4 of our chicks are smoking hot.

Appalachian State University: 3 out of 4 students think Appalachian State is Hot Hot Hot.

Michigan: 3 out of 4 of our students are still upset that we lost to Appalachian State last year.

University of Vermont: 3 out of 4 students are high at this moment.

Arizona State: 3 out of 4 students went there because they heard it is a party school.

University of Massachusetts at Lowell: 3 out of 4 students are from Pakistan.

Space junk or something else?

Always love the reporting that comes out of China.

Chinese authorities discover 'crashed saucer'

8/23/08-Chinese authorities are examing an unusual piece of 'space junk' that witnesses have described as 'looking like a flying saucer'.The debris has been located south of the city of Dalian.

Maybe its their own saucer?

China develops prototype flying saucer

BEIJING - A Chinese company has developed a prototype flying saucer that can hover in the air and be controlled remotely from afar, state press said today.

The aircraft is 1.2 metres in diameter and is able to take off and land vertically and hover at an altitude of up to 1,000 metres, Xinhua news agency said.

The unmanned disc is driven by a propeller and can be controlled remotely or sent on a preset flight path, it said.

Its top speed is 80km/h, it added.

It took the Harbin Smart Special Aerocraft Co Ltd 12 years and 28 million yuan ($A4.36 million) to develop the prototype craft, which is designed for aerial photography, geological surveys and emergency lighting, the report said.

What's wrong with this picture? a Umass Amherst Alumni, I find this advertisement very disturbing. I was there, I walked the grounds, drank the water, and ate at the Newman Center. There is no way that 3 out of 4 students say no to alcohol. No way. Or maybe everyone they asked lived in Orchard Hill. Now-a-days when I have friends who used to visit me there and bring up old Umass stories, I just don't remember them. Things that I should remember. Like that time I got into a Molotov cocktail fight or that time I almost died. I have no recollection that this stuff ever happened. But I am sure I it did.

So maybe 3 out of 4 students did turn down drinks. But they probable don't remember doing it. Because they were probably already drunk or had a 9:05 discussion the next day.

Monday, August 25, 2008

And you thought Leprechauns weren't real

Yep, Leprechauns are real. Who else steals a box of Lucky Charms.

Also here is a Leprechaun cam. Straight from Ireland.

my pointless

Breaking News: Girl on Girl action on the rise

Minneapolis--"Girls making out with each other to turn on guys is the latest craze at high school and college parties," according to the online magazine

Still don't believe it? Listen to this summer's monster hit song, "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry. It's an international phenomenon -- topping the charts all summer in America, Canada, Australia and Great Britain. A few weeks ago, Perry was a headliner at the Warped music festival at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, belting out the song's provocative lyrics:

Even though I have seem to have missed the boat with majority of this. (Since I am not in college or high school anymore). I have been noticing a lot of the girl on girl stuff lately. I thought I had a 'gift', because for some reason I thought I could make friends or co-workers to just start making out with each other. Sometimes its really easy and sometimes its a little work. But after reading this I am convinced I have no gift. Society is changing, and it seems like girls kissing is the new thing. Which I am not complaining about, because there is always that chance for a threesome.

Picture of the day

NO wonder the Russians have been slow to leave Georgia.

Sailors aboard the first ship to head home after the fighting were greeted by these burly Black Sea beauties.

The formidable fans were on the quay as the missle-carrying vessel Mirage moored in the port of Sevastopol, Ukraine.

Large numbers of Russian armoured vehicles also withdrew from Georgia.

But top brass said some troops would remain inside “zones of responsibility”.

I thought Russian chicks were suppose to be hot? Maybe all the good ones have already been sent to other countries in their mail ordered bride program.

Previous Olympic sports

So this was the last year for softball. It got me to think, what are some other Olympic sports that got the boot?

200 meters obstacle swimming race.



CroquetLive pigeon shoot
Club swinging



Sword and Saber

Olympic recap

So yesterday I think I had a little too much to drink, because for some reason, I ate a buffalo chicken calzone right before I went to bed. Which lead to a sleepless night. It felt like I had that thing from Alien in me.
Laying there in pain, it donned on me that the Olympics were over. And overall it was a pretty good Olympics. There was some good and there was some bad.

The Good
  • Six countries won their first medals: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Mauritius, Sudan, Tajikistan, and Togo.
  • Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps made the Olympics special.
  • There were plenty of hot chicks.
  • Cool Olympic Stadiums.
  • Some huge upsets.
  • I got a chance to watch a lot of badminton.
  • And how can you forget about the Lego Olympics.

The Bad
  • There was the China women's gymnastic team controversy.
  • Fake fireworks and singing during the opening ceremony. I can't blame them that much, the 9 year old was a little fugly.
  • Liu Xiang's never got to race.
  • Swedish wrestler throws medal on the ground.
  • Cuban Taekwondo participant kicks referee in the head.
  • I don't think anyone will forget what happen to this guy.The horrible stabbing death.
  • And the lack on any protest. China rejected every protest application filed. They even arrested 2 women in there 70's for filing a protest application. And sentence both of them to one year of hard labor, so they can "re-educated themselves".

Friday, August 22, 2008

theLucky's Official Story: Rounding up the sheep

Every now and then when I am out with friends or co-workers and the topic of September 11, 2001 comes up. I usually tell people that the United States government was behind the planning of the attacks. They usually look at me funny, and think I am crazy. They usually say there is no proof that the USA had anything to do with it. At that point I ramble off some facts. The most glaring fact is that in 1962 the CIA created Operation Northwood. This plan was for CIA agents to commit acts of terrorism on US soil, by killing innocent people through blowing up buildings and hijackings. Then plant evidence in order to frame other governments. The CIA felt that if enough innocent people died this would gain enough public support to invade a country.

This operations was originally designed for the purpose to invade Cuba, but John F Kennedy shot the idea down. But in 2001 this plan was put into full operations again.

Now this is not some Loose Change garbage. That deals with the melting point of steel, or if cell phones work on planes. This is just FACTS that have been reported. Since this happened a while ago some newspapers don't have their stories available online, in those cases I have used secondary sources.

George Bush
  • January 2000 George Bush meets with Osama Bin Laden parents. source

  • Before the 2000 election a think tank group call Project for the New American Century creates a blue print rebuilding America's defenses. This called for a "casptrophic event such as a Pearl Harbor" . source

  • Aug 2001: US Intelligence warns Bush that Al Queda was planning on hijacking commerical airlines for terrorist attacks. source

  • Sept 7 2001 Jed Bush puts Florida's National Guard on high alert. source

  • Sept 10 2001: Bush meets with Bin Laden's brother at a conference. source

  • Bush's cousin was suppose to be in the WTC but had a schedule change the night before. source

  • After Bush is told of attacks he continues to read to school children. source

  • Bush blocks public inquiry into 9/11. source

  • Sept 11 2001: Ari Fleischer claims Bush received no warnings about possible attacks. source

  • May 2002: Ari Fleischer confirms that the CIA told Bush that planes were going to be used in the attacks. source

  • Jan 2004: Bush refuses to grant more time for the 9/11 commission to investigate. source

  • Bush had Iraq war plan before Sept 11 even happened. source

  • Bush refuses to testify under oath to the 9/11 commission. He and Cheney final agree but they did so only under several conditions: They would be allowed to testify jointly; They would not be required to take an oath before testifying; The testimony would not be recorded electronically or transcribed, and that the only record would be notes taken by one of the commission staffers; These notes would not be made public. source

Dick Cheney

  • July 2001: Phoenix FBI agent sends memo warning that Middle Eastern men are taking flying lesson, and that Visa's should be checked. Cheney decides not release this memo to congress or the press at that time. source

Donald Rumsfeld

  • Sept 10 2001: Announces that the Department of Defense has lost 3.2 trillion dollars. CBS accounts that 25% of the defense budget is unaccountable. The very next day, people forget about this. source
  • Rumsfeld admits that there were four war games happening on Sept 11. source

  • Rumsfeld admits that flight 93 was shot down.

  • Five hours after attack Rumsfied begins strike plans against Iraq. source
Osama Bin Laden

  • The CIA created Bin Laden. He is their puppet. For decades Bin Laden has be a CIA foot solider. source

  • July 2001: Bin Laden receives kidney treatment in Dubai, and is met by 2 CIA agents. source

  • Sept 16 2001: Osama Bin Laden denies that he had anything to do with the attacks. source

  • Dec 2001: A poor quality video is released showing Bin Laden bragging about the attacks. In the video Bin Laden is wearing fancy watches and jewelry which are forbidden in his religion. source

  • Most of the terrorist go off drinking and parting which is also against their religion. source

The government

  • The Feds knew that "terrorist" had enrolled in flight schools in the US. source

  • In 1998 Oklahoma FBI agent sends memo stating that middle eastern males are attending flight schools in order for a terrorist attacks. source

  • December 1998 Time magazine cover story states that Osama Bin Laden is planning a attack on US soil. source

  • The government denies that fact that they had prior knowledge of the attacks, even though memos were sent through out government agencies warning them of the attacks. source

  • Summer of 2000 : A secret military plan called Able Danger IDs 4 future hijackers as a potential threat. None of this is mentioned in the Official report. Chief spokesman for the 9/11 committee never remembers hearing this information. However, after a few days his memory returns and remembers getting briefed. source

  • Jan 2001: FAA is informed that hijacker Hani Hanjour lacks enough English to pass flight school. The FAA sends a official to translate for him. The school points out that this is against the rules. source

  • May 2001: The governments launches its 'Visa Express' service, which allows any Saudi Arabian to get a Visa through any travel agent. 5 hijackers used this to enter the country. source

  • July 2001: Attorney General stops using commerical airlines because of terrorist threats. source

  • August 2001: Russian President Putin alerts the US of future kamikaze plane attacks. source

  • August 2001: Jordan officials go to US to warn that planes will be used in attacks on US soil. source

  • August 2001: Israel alerts the US that Al Queda will attack soon. source

  • August 2001: Department of Transportation runs exercises that deal with hijacked commericalsource

  • August 2001: FBI top counter terrorist agent quits because of the blocking of information regarding Al Queda. Later dies in the WTC. source

  • Sept 11: White House staff is giving Cipro a full month before the first Anthrax attack. source

  • Sept 12: FEMA is scheduled to be NY to run attack drills. source

  • May 2003: Government refuses to release 900 page Sept 11 Congressional Report. source

  • Jan 2004: 9/11 panel has to interview its own panel on the attacks. source
The US military

  • Even before 9/11 the Taliban, the supposedly bad guys, offered Bin Laden to the US. This happened numerous times. Each time the US said, no thanks. source

  • From 1998-2000 spies on the ground new exactly where Bin Laden was, and US didn't act on it. source

  • Sept 10 2001: Group of high ranking pentagon employee cancel there next day trips due to security concerns. source

  • May 2001: Colin Powell gives 43 million dollars to the Taliban. source

  • July 2001: US ignore Taliban's advice that Bin Laden is planning a attack. source

  • July 2001: Intelligent officers have information that al Queda was planning on using planes as weapons. source

  • Sept 11 2001: Military planned to run war games in which commerical planes were hijacked and flown into government buildings. source

  • In 2000-2001 NORAD conducts exercises that simulate procedure if hijacked planes would fly into the WTC and the pentagon. source source

  • June 1 2001 NORAD's runs Amalgam Virgo training exercise. On the manual of this training is Osama Bin Laden and a exploding skyscraper. source

  • Sept 9 2001: NORAD runs Operation Vigilance which deploys fighter jets to Alaska. source

  • Sept 11 2001: F-16's located near the Pentagon are ordered 180 miles away the morning Sept 11. source

  • Sept 11 2001: NORAD runs war game called "Vigilante Guardian" where the commander in charge thought hijacking of planes was part of a exercise. source

  • NORAD goes against its protocol on how to handle hijacked planes and finally gives the order to shoot down the planes 28 minutes after Flight 93 had crashed. source


  • July 2001: 3.2 billion dollar lease for WTC is finalized. Larry Silverstein will make 7 billion if the towers get destroyed. source

  • Two weeks prior to Sept 11 heighten security and bomb sniffing dogs are removed from the WTC. source

  • Sept 4 2001: Israel owned shipping company moves out of world trade center. source

  • Sept 10 2001: WTC roofs doors locked to prevent people from accesses the roof. source

  • Sept 11 2001: Over 100 million dollars in illegal transfers may have occurred with WTC computers during the attacks. source

  • Sept 11 2001: Fiduciary Trust, located south of the WTC had emergency evacuation planned on that day. source
Pictures of buildings when they collapse. They just fall over, they don't implode.

Video of a controlled demolition. Notice the small puffs of smoke that emerge from the sides of the building before it collapses.

Now the WTC collapse.

Notice the same small smoke smoke plumes. The 'official story' states that this is compressed air. Well correct.

  • Its compressed air from the charges going off from the center support beams.Company used to clean up ground zero is demolition experts. source
  • Steel used in WTC was up to code. Did not contribute to the the collapse. source
  • Numerous firefighters reported hearing explosions going off before the towers collapsed. source source source
  • WTC cleanup works found the black boxes, however the 'Official report' said they were never found. source
  • What people don't understand is that the WTC were designed to be hit by multiple airplanes and still stand. They designed it this way because in 1945 a military bomber flew into the Empire States building. Guess what the building didn't collapse.source
  • The tallest building in China's catches on fire and that doesn't collapse. source
  • Jan 2002: WTC steel shipped to China and India. No further investigating on the steel can be done. source
  • Fire Engineering says WTC investigation a farce, and has political motives. source
  • Dec 2002: WTC surveillance tapes and maintenance records go missing. source

WTC 7 building
  • Sept 11 2001: WTC 7 fire alarms go on test mode, in which they go off every 8 hours. This makes the initial alarms ignored. source
  • The BBC received an early press release and reports that WTC 7 collapse 25 minutes before it happens. A BBC reporter gives details on how it collapses and has no idea the building is STILL STANDING BEHIND HER!

  • NY Fire department knew WTC 7 was coming down. source
  • Several demolitions teams reached ground zero just in time for WTC 7 to collapse. source
  • Larry Silverstein owner of WTC 7 gets phone call from firefighters recommends him to "pull it". Shortly after "pulling it" the building collapses.

  • WTC 7 becomes first steel high rise building to collapse because of fire. source
  • WTC 7 debris was removed before investigators had a chance to look at it. source
  • FEMA determines that WTC 7 was pulled down probably due to an implosion. source
  • Firefighter Captain Chris Boyle says "they" told him WTC 7 was coming down. source

The Pentagon
  • Months prior to the attacks pentagon medics ran drills simulating a response to if a plane few into the building. On the morning of Sept. 11 another such drill was suppose to take place. Most medics thought that when the plane hit, it was only a drill. source
  • Sept 10 2001; Pentagon medic talks with FBI agent to how is in command of emergency plane crash plan. source
  • Sept 10 2001: A rookie is giving temporary command of the National Military Command Center.
  • Sept 11 2001: Pentagon medic is studing disater plans in which planes fly into the Pentagon. source
  • Plane hits the only area of the Pentagon under renovations. This cuts down on loss of life and repairs. source
  • Most key emergency response personal arrive to pentagon 5 minutes after crash. source
  • Airtraffic controller reports that the Boeing 757 flew more like a fighter jet. source
  • Plane appeared to be only the size to "carry 8-12 people". source
  • Eye witness said plane was the size of small commercial craft. source
  • Pentagon construction worker said that the Pentagon plane had fewer engines than the ones that hit the WTC. source
  • Engineer prepexled by small crash hole and lack of plane debris. source
  • Sercuity cameras from near by hotels and gas stations that capture the plane hitting the Pentagon are quickly confiscated. source
The Pentagon is surrounded by cameras but yet the only video of the plane hitting it is some crappy front gate camera. What are they hiding?

Flight 93

People like to bring up the point that airplanes that flew into the WTC were the reason the towers collapsed. The 'Official Story' says that the results from the impact and fire afterwards were the reason why the towers collapse. However, by looking at these government pictures taken on Sept 12, 2001. A plane that can supposely take down a building, only leaves a small divot in the ground. And does not set neighbhoring grass on fire. pics

What is also remarkable is the lack of plane debris. There is none.

What about Shanksville eyewitnesses?

The Shanksville mayor says that there was no plane?

Where are the plane parts? Where are the bodies? Not even a suitcase.

Here is the official passenger list. No Arabs or terrorist on board. source

Flight 77

  • One of the one of the biggest lies in the government story is that all the planes turned off their beacon transponder, making them invisible to find. This is ridculous. This is the United States, planes don't fly around in our air space without getting notice. The US military has radar that can track debris 10cm across in space! And they said that they couldn't find 4 planes flying over the Eastern part of the country. source

  • Flight 77 passenger list. No Arabs or terrorist on board. source

Flight 11

  • Flight 11 passenger list. No Arabs or terrorist on board. source

The Terrorist

  • How is it possible that 9 terrorist could still be alive. source

  • How is it possible that terrorist passports don't burn. Here is Satam Al Suqami passport after it was found a few blocks away from the WTC. Minutes after it was crashed into the building. And is covered in jet flue. It is amazing how good of a condition that it is in. Maybe the planes black boxes should have been made out of passport materials, since none were ever found. source source

  • Terrorist Majed Moqed Student ID card was found in the Pentagon rubble. source

  • Many 9/11 investigators believe the evidence left behind was meant to be found. source

  • Israel text messaging service receives warning of attacks 2 hours before it happens. source
  • Sept 11 2001: Warren Buffet holds charity event at Offutt Air Force Base, with other world business leaders. Bilderberg? Some who would have been in the WTC. Bush later meets him there. source
  • Sept 11 2001: Israel spies are found video taping the attacks, and celebrating. They are found with box cutters, maps linking them to attacks, multiple foreign passports, lots of cash, and explosives. source source source
  • Israel Prime Ministry says the attacks are very good for Israel. source
  • Sept 2002: American Airlines employees are issued a gag order and can not discuss anything to do with the terrorist attacks. source

  • Oct 2001: The Patriot Act was signed and took away many Civil Liberties provided in the Bill of Rights. source
  • Defense budget see largest increase since cold war. source
  • Hundreds of gold bars that were being stored in WTC 5 were found underneath WTC 4. These bars were being moved by a truck the day of Sept 11. The truck was crushed, but no bodies were found. source
  • US invades Afghanistan. Forces Taliban out. Destroys all hope for Taliban to built oil pipe line to Casperian sea. Instead it goes to foreign investors source
  • Bush administration admits to making up that Al Quida was in Iraq learning how to make weapons. source
  • The White house admits the main reason to invade Iraq was because of Sept 11. source
  • Bush wanted to provoke Iraq into a war. source
  • However, the 9/ll panel determines that Iraq had nothing to do with Sept 11. source
  • And of course no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq. source
  • Former Haliburton CEO Dick Cheney is still being paid by them. source
  • Haliburton is the largest contributor to the Bush/Cheney campaign. source
  • Haliburton is awarded a no-bid contract for the Pentagon. source
  • 2005 Haliburtion has 284% increase in profits. source
I really don't care if you think the US was behind 9/11 or not. Everybody has their opinions. I just want people to think. Look around, the world is going to shit. Stop being sheep, and start reading between the lines.