Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are you ready for the Olympics?

I will admit, I am sort of a sucker for the Olympics. Maybe because the US still dominates in it. I am big fan of the silly sports, like badminton, handball, ping pong, and sailing. But I am thinking it might be a shit show in China.

This is the most polluted country in the world. The sailing event will have to battle this algae that has clogged the coast. People will be complaining about the air quality. There will be protest about human rights. I'm sure the Chinese government will censor a lot of the what the athletes have to say.

But not here. I plan on setting a Olympic record by making fun of the Chinese non-stop. Why, because they are funny.


Anonymous said...

China is one of he most advanced cultures in the world, and certainly one of the oldest.
Who are you, and American, to judge on other countries human rights records? Or any of these complainers for that matter. Look at your own record. Leave us alone, maybe one day come and visit and you can be able to lose your ignorant mind.
sincerly angry Chinaman

Anonymous said...

China will have more medals than the US in these games for sure. Wait and see!