Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yummm... Rat

Telegraph---Vijay Prakash, the welfare minister in Bihar state in eastern India, said he wanted to set up rat farms and sell the meat to upmarket hotels, street stalls and restaurants.

The project will start with stalls in rural fairs followed by "rat meat centres" in urban areas.

The 2.3 million members of the Musahar caste, one of the poorest in India, have traditionally eaten rats that they hunted in paddy fields.

Now Mr Prakash says rich people should also sample the meat, which he said was full of protein and tasted better than chicken.

"Some socially deprived people in Bihar have always consumed rat meat," he said. "If they can eat rats, why can't the rest of the people?

Most people fell like rats are nuisance, well not in India. They are the latest snack food trend. Just think fried rat, baked rat, broiled rat, beer batter rat, pickled rat, rat sushi, rat chili, the possibilities are endless. I have always been a fan of the rat. Next to man they are the most successful mammal on the planet.

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