Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Headline of the day

Vandals strike Plimoth Plantation

PLYMOUTH - Plymouth police say vandals broke into Plimoth Plantation, damaged eight houses, smashed fence sections and stole furs and other items from the replica Pilgrim village.

Police say the living history museum’s property manager discovered the damage when she arrived early Saturday morning. A security guard was on duty overnight, but did not report any disturbances.

Police say one or more vandals broke the locks on the houses, smashed crockery and left hatchet marks on the inside walls. They uprooted plants, stole reproduction armor, several beaver and otter furs, and other household items.

So as I am reading this in the Herald this morning, the only thing that can come to my mind is that is must be the work of a family or bigfoots or cavemen. Who else would loot ancient items that the Pilgrims used? Someone or something probably thought this was brand new technology. I may be leaning more towards caveman, the hatchet marks, stolen beaver and otter pelts are usually the work of them. No word yet if they found buffalo and deer paintings on the walls.

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