Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Work Field Trip

So I am suppose to go on this work summer outing this afternoon. Its on some island off the coast. The purpose is for team building or some other work B.S. So I am thinking about blowing it off. The main reason is that no one I like is going. And the other reason is I went to the islands web site. And saw these pictures. Whats the deal here? Is the boat that is suppose to take me to this island have a DeLorean engine and a Flux Capacitor set at 1.21 gigawatts? Am I going back to 1985?
Then I saw the list of possible activities.
  • Scavenger Hunt—Clues will take you around the island to collect hints and take pictures of your group. Be prepared to spend approximately 1 hour. The winning team will collect a prize before leaving. Additional prizes are encouraged if you like
  • Guided Tours—An educated tour guide will show you the unique features on Thompson Island like the salt marsh and farm animals. She'll also detail the island's history as an educational facility dating back to 1833.
  • Sprinklers
    We'll turn 'em on; you run through 'em.
  • Clown
    Includes face painting, magic show, balloon sculptures and general clowning around. Ask about the travelling clown.
  • Backyard Fun—
    A Games Coordinator will organize sports included in our complimentary package, plus three of the following relay races. You are encouraged to bring prizes.
    • Egg & spoon
    • Bottle fill relay
    • Egg & armpit relay
    • Bouncy ball relay
    • Water balloon toss
    • Tug o’ War
    • Hula Hoop contest
    • Sack race
    • Ball in the back relay
    • Coin, book & ball relay
This suppose to be a trip with mostly PhDs, MDs, and possibly one S.O.B, and it looks like we are going to summer camp at Camp North Star. I swear if I go to this thing and there is a clown there, I am going to make his ass work. I will be coming home with a army of balloon rats.

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CHG said...

Um, our 5th graders go there every year.