Friday, August 22, 2008

Running of the Brides

So there is something in Boston called the Running of the Brides, which was today. Its a annual thing that involves wedding dresses that go on sale at a discounted price. Its usually held at Filenes Basement. But that closed down and now its down at the Hynes Convention Center. Its like a giant scavenger hunt for wedding dresses. There are teams that dress a like or where silly hats or similar shirts. I can see why women would want to do it, but any guy that does it should read my last post.

So when this thing kicks off people go running and grab all the dresses they can. Its very similar to SuperMarket Sweep. Every year I look at the pictures on to just get a quick laugh. Then I see this one, that I can't explain. WHY IS IT ALL DUDES! They should all be forced to give up one testicle for this.


CHG said...

Last year, TLC filmed three brides participating in this. One of those brides they filmed was my boss. We had camera crews at the studio all week, strategic planning meetings on how to go about finding a dress, and t-shirts made. THANK GOD I couldn't go because it was the weekend of our annual ski trip. They lined up at 4am. They just showed it on TLC a month or so ago. I also went to this with my sister-in-law when I was about 14. I made a vow to never participate again.

Anonymous said...

That's my best friend, fiance, and father!

You realllly need all the manly help you can get... those dresses are heavy!!

Us girls were on the other door.

All of us find this hysterical though. We're sending your blog around the family. :)