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theLucky's Official Story: Rounding up the sheep

Every now and then when I am out with friends or co-workers and the topic of September 11, 2001 comes up. I usually tell people that the United States government was behind the planning of the attacks. They usually look at me funny, and think I am crazy. They usually say there is no proof that the USA had anything to do with it. At that point I ramble off some facts. The most glaring fact is that in 1962 the CIA created Operation Northwood. This plan was for CIA agents to commit acts of terrorism on US soil, by killing innocent people through blowing up buildings and hijackings. Then plant evidence in order to frame other governments. The CIA felt that if enough innocent people died this would gain enough public support to invade a country.

This operations was originally designed for the purpose to invade Cuba, but John F Kennedy shot the idea down. But in 2001 this plan was put into full operations again.

Now this is not some Loose Change garbage. That deals with the melting point of steel, or if cell phones work on planes. This is just FACTS that have been reported. Since this happened a while ago some newspapers don't have their stories available online, in those cases I have used secondary sources.

George Bush
  • January 2000 George Bush meets with Osama Bin Laden parents. source

  • Before the 2000 election a think tank group call Project for the New American Century creates a blue print rebuilding America's defenses. This called for a "casptrophic event such as a Pearl Harbor" . source

  • Aug 2001: US Intelligence warns Bush that Al Queda was planning on hijacking commerical airlines for terrorist attacks. source

  • Sept 7 2001 Jed Bush puts Florida's National Guard on high alert. source

  • Sept 10 2001: Bush meets with Bin Laden's brother at a conference. source

  • Bush's cousin was suppose to be in the WTC but had a schedule change the night before. source

  • After Bush is told of attacks he continues to read to school children. source

  • Bush blocks public inquiry into 9/11. source

  • Sept 11 2001: Ari Fleischer claims Bush received no warnings about possible attacks. source

  • May 2002: Ari Fleischer confirms that the CIA told Bush that planes were going to be used in the attacks. source

  • Jan 2004: Bush refuses to grant more time for the 9/11 commission to investigate. source

  • Bush had Iraq war plan before Sept 11 even happened. source

  • Bush refuses to testify under oath to the 9/11 commission. He and Cheney final agree but they did so only under several conditions: They would be allowed to testify jointly; They would not be required to take an oath before testifying; The testimony would not be recorded electronically or transcribed, and that the only record would be notes taken by one of the commission staffers; These notes would not be made public. source

Dick Cheney

  • July 2001: Phoenix FBI agent sends memo warning that Middle Eastern men are taking flying lesson, and that Visa's should be checked. Cheney decides not release this memo to congress or the press at that time. source

Donald Rumsfeld

  • Sept 10 2001: Announces that the Department of Defense has lost 3.2 trillion dollars. CBS accounts that 25% of the defense budget is unaccountable. The very next day, people forget about this. source
  • Rumsfeld admits that there were four war games happening on Sept 11. source

  • Rumsfeld admits that flight 93 was shot down.

  • Five hours after attack Rumsfied begins strike plans against Iraq. source
Osama Bin Laden

  • The CIA created Bin Laden. He is their puppet. For decades Bin Laden has be a CIA foot solider. source

  • July 2001: Bin Laden receives kidney treatment in Dubai, and is met by 2 CIA agents. source

  • Sept 16 2001: Osama Bin Laden denies that he had anything to do with the attacks. source

  • Dec 2001: A poor quality video is released showing Bin Laden bragging about the attacks. In the video Bin Laden is wearing fancy watches and jewelry which are forbidden in his religion. source

  • Most of the terrorist go off drinking and parting which is also against their religion. source

The government

  • The Feds knew that "terrorist" had enrolled in flight schools in the US. source

  • In 1998 Oklahoma FBI agent sends memo stating that middle eastern males are attending flight schools in order for a terrorist attacks. source

  • December 1998 Time magazine cover story states that Osama Bin Laden is planning a attack on US soil. source

  • The government denies that fact that they had prior knowledge of the attacks, even though memos were sent through out government agencies warning them of the attacks. source

  • Summer of 2000 : A secret military plan called Able Danger IDs 4 future hijackers as a potential threat. None of this is mentioned in the Official report. Chief spokesman for the 9/11 committee never remembers hearing this information. However, after a few days his memory returns and remembers getting briefed. source

  • Jan 2001: FAA is informed that hijacker Hani Hanjour lacks enough English to pass flight school. The FAA sends a official to translate for him. The school points out that this is against the rules. source

  • May 2001: The governments launches its 'Visa Express' service, which allows any Saudi Arabian to get a Visa through any travel agent. 5 hijackers used this to enter the country. source

  • July 2001: Attorney General stops using commerical airlines because of terrorist threats. source

  • August 2001: Russian President Putin alerts the US of future kamikaze plane attacks. source

  • August 2001: Jordan officials go to US to warn that planes will be used in attacks on US soil. source

  • August 2001: Israel alerts the US that Al Queda will attack soon. source

  • August 2001: Department of Transportation runs exercises that deal with hijacked commericalsource

  • August 2001: FBI top counter terrorist agent quits because of the blocking of information regarding Al Queda. Later dies in the WTC. source

  • Sept 11: White House staff is giving Cipro a full month before the first Anthrax attack. source

  • Sept 12: FEMA is scheduled to be NY to run attack drills. source

  • May 2003: Government refuses to release 900 page Sept 11 Congressional Report. source

  • Jan 2004: 9/11 panel has to interview its own panel on the attacks. source
The US military

  • Even before 9/11 the Taliban, the supposedly bad guys, offered Bin Laden to the US. This happened numerous times. Each time the US said, no thanks. source

  • From 1998-2000 spies on the ground new exactly where Bin Laden was, and US didn't act on it. source

  • Sept 10 2001: Group of high ranking pentagon employee cancel there next day trips due to security concerns. source

  • May 2001: Colin Powell gives 43 million dollars to the Taliban. source

  • July 2001: US ignore Taliban's advice that Bin Laden is planning a attack. source

  • July 2001: Intelligent officers have information that al Queda was planning on using planes as weapons. source

  • Sept 11 2001: Military planned to run war games in which commerical planes were hijacked and flown into government buildings. source

  • In 2000-2001 NORAD conducts exercises that simulate procedure if hijacked planes would fly into the WTC and the pentagon. source source

  • June 1 2001 NORAD's runs Amalgam Virgo training exercise. On the manual of this training is Osama Bin Laden and a exploding skyscraper. source

  • Sept 9 2001: NORAD runs Operation Vigilance which deploys fighter jets to Alaska. source

  • Sept 11 2001: F-16's located near the Pentagon are ordered 180 miles away the morning Sept 11. source

  • Sept 11 2001: NORAD runs war game called "Vigilante Guardian" where the commander in charge thought hijacking of planes was part of a exercise. source

  • NORAD goes against its protocol on how to handle hijacked planes and finally gives the order to shoot down the planes 28 minutes after Flight 93 had crashed. source


  • July 2001: 3.2 billion dollar lease for WTC is finalized. Larry Silverstein will make 7 billion if the towers get destroyed. source

  • Two weeks prior to Sept 11 heighten security and bomb sniffing dogs are removed from the WTC. source

  • Sept 4 2001: Israel owned shipping company moves out of world trade center. source

  • Sept 10 2001: WTC roofs doors locked to prevent people from accesses the roof. source

  • Sept 11 2001: Over 100 million dollars in illegal transfers may have occurred with WTC computers during the attacks. source

  • Sept 11 2001: Fiduciary Trust, located south of the WTC had emergency evacuation planned on that day. source
Pictures of buildings when they collapse. They just fall over, they don't implode.

Video of a controlled demolition. Notice the small puffs of smoke that emerge from the sides of the building before it collapses.

Now the WTC collapse.

Notice the same small smoke smoke plumes. The 'official story' states that this is compressed air. Well correct.

  • Its compressed air from the charges going off from the center support beams.Company used to clean up ground zero is demolition experts. source
  • Steel used in WTC was up to code. Did not contribute to the the collapse. source
  • Numerous firefighters reported hearing explosions going off before the towers collapsed. source source source
  • WTC cleanup works found the black boxes, however the 'Official report' said they were never found. source
  • What people don't understand is that the WTC were designed to be hit by multiple airplanes and still stand. They designed it this way because in 1945 a military bomber flew into the Empire States building. Guess what the building didn't collapse.source
  • The tallest building in China's catches on fire and that doesn't collapse. source
  • Jan 2002: WTC steel shipped to China and India. No further investigating on the steel can be done. source
  • Fire Engineering says WTC investigation a farce, and has political motives. source
  • Dec 2002: WTC surveillance tapes and maintenance records go missing. source

WTC 7 building
  • Sept 11 2001: WTC 7 fire alarms go on test mode, in which they go off every 8 hours. This makes the initial alarms ignored. source
  • The BBC received an early press release and reports that WTC 7 collapse 25 minutes before it happens. A BBC reporter gives details on how it collapses and has no idea the building is STILL STANDING BEHIND HER!

  • NY Fire department knew WTC 7 was coming down. source
  • Several demolitions teams reached ground zero just in time for WTC 7 to collapse. source
  • Larry Silverstein owner of WTC 7 gets phone call from firefighters recommends him to "pull it". Shortly after "pulling it" the building collapses.

  • WTC 7 becomes first steel high rise building to collapse because of fire. source
  • WTC 7 debris was removed before investigators had a chance to look at it. source
  • FEMA determines that WTC 7 was pulled down probably due to an implosion. source
  • Firefighter Captain Chris Boyle says "they" told him WTC 7 was coming down. source

The Pentagon
  • Months prior to the attacks pentagon medics ran drills simulating a response to if a plane few into the building. On the morning of Sept. 11 another such drill was suppose to take place. Most medics thought that when the plane hit, it was only a drill. source
  • Sept 10 2001; Pentagon medic talks with FBI agent to how is in command of emergency plane crash plan. source
  • Sept 10 2001: A rookie is giving temporary command of the National Military Command Center.
  • Sept 11 2001: Pentagon medic is studing disater plans in which planes fly into the Pentagon. source
  • Plane hits the only area of the Pentagon under renovations. This cuts down on loss of life and repairs. source
  • Most key emergency response personal arrive to pentagon 5 minutes after crash. source
  • Airtraffic controller reports that the Boeing 757 flew more like a fighter jet. source
  • Plane appeared to be only the size to "carry 8-12 people". source
  • Eye witness said plane was the size of small commercial craft. source
  • Pentagon construction worker said that the Pentagon plane had fewer engines than the ones that hit the WTC. source
  • Engineer prepexled by small crash hole and lack of plane debris. source
  • Sercuity cameras from near by hotels and gas stations that capture the plane hitting the Pentagon are quickly confiscated. source
The Pentagon is surrounded by cameras but yet the only video of the plane hitting it is some crappy front gate camera. What are they hiding?

Flight 93

People like to bring up the point that airplanes that flew into the WTC were the reason the towers collapsed. The 'Official Story' says that the results from the impact and fire afterwards were the reason why the towers collapse. However, by looking at these government pictures taken on Sept 12, 2001. A plane that can supposely take down a building, only leaves a small divot in the ground. And does not set neighbhoring grass on fire. pics

What is also remarkable is the lack of plane debris. There is none.

What about Shanksville eyewitnesses?

The Shanksville mayor says that there was no plane?

Where are the plane parts? Where are the bodies? Not even a suitcase.

Here is the official passenger list. No Arabs or terrorist on board. source

Flight 77

  • One of the one of the biggest lies in the government story is that all the planes turned off their beacon transponder, making them invisible to find. This is ridculous. This is the United States, planes don't fly around in our air space without getting notice. The US military has radar that can track debris 10cm across in space! And they said that they couldn't find 4 planes flying over the Eastern part of the country. source

  • Flight 77 passenger list. No Arabs or terrorist on board. source

Flight 11

  • Flight 11 passenger list. No Arabs or terrorist on board. source

The Terrorist

  • How is it possible that 9 terrorist could still be alive. source

  • How is it possible that terrorist passports don't burn. Here is Satam Al Suqami passport after it was found a few blocks away from the WTC. Minutes after it was crashed into the building. And is covered in jet flue. It is amazing how good of a condition that it is in. Maybe the planes black boxes should have been made out of passport materials, since none were ever found. source source

  • Terrorist Majed Moqed Student ID card was found in the Pentagon rubble. source

  • Many 9/11 investigators believe the evidence left behind was meant to be found. source

  • Israel text messaging service receives warning of attacks 2 hours before it happens. source
  • Sept 11 2001: Warren Buffet holds charity event at Offutt Air Force Base, with other world business leaders. Bilderberg? Some who would have been in the WTC. Bush later meets him there. source
  • Sept 11 2001: Israel spies are found video taping the attacks, and celebrating. They are found with box cutters, maps linking them to attacks, multiple foreign passports, lots of cash, and explosives. source source source
  • Israel Prime Ministry says the attacks are very good for Israel. source
  • Sept 2002: American Airlines employees are issued a gag order and can not discuss anything to do with the terrorist attacks. source

  • Oct 2001: The Patriot Act was signed and took away many Civil Liberties provided in the Bill of Rights. source
  • Defense budget see largest increase since cold war. source
  • Hundreds of gold bars that were being stored in WTC 5 were found underneath WTC 4. These bars were being moved by a truck the day of Sept 11. The truck was crushed, but no bodies were found. source
  • US invades Afghanistan. Forces Taliban out. Destroys all hope for Taliban to built oil pipe line to Casperian sea. Instead it goes to foreign investors source
  • Bush administration admits to making up that Al Quida was in Iraq learning how to make weapons. source
  • The White house admits the main reason to invade Iraq was because of Sept 11. source
  • Bush wanted to provoke Iraq into a war. source
  • However, the 9/ll panel determines that Iraq had nothing to do with Sept 11. source
  • And of course no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq. source
  • Former Haliburton CEO Dick Cheney is still being paid by them. source
  • Haliburton is the largest contributor to the Bush/Cheney campaign. source
  • Haliburton is awarded a no-bid contract for the Pentagon. source
  • 2005 Haliburtion has 284% increase in profits. source
I really don't care if you think the US was behind 9/11 or not. Everybody has their opinions. I just want people to think. Look around, the world is going to shit. Stop being sheep, and start reading between the lines.

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