Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Update: Mens Baseball

Does this guy look like he should be the manager of the China Baseball team?

The United States and China traded insults after a bruising Olympic Games baseball clash which ended with the Chinese manager and relief pitcher thrown out of the game.

America's 9-1 win was overshadowed by fierce on-field rows which will make for a high-voltage final should the two sides now get through their semi-finals and meet in the gold medal match.

China manager James Lefebvre was the first man to be ejected after twice leaving the dugout to protest plays before relief pitcher Chen Kun was also given his marching orders for delivering a fast ball drilled into the helmet of Matt Laporta.

In the course of the game, China catcher Wang Wei was injured and had to leave after a collision with Laporta while replacement catcher Yang Yang was taken out by Nate Schierholtz.

Not to be outdone, US manager Davey Johnson also came out of the dugout when Laporta was hit.

"We not only lost the game but we may have also lost our catcher Wang Wei for the rest of the Olympics. He got hit in the leg. They play hard and we play hard," said Lefebvre who was furious with Schierholtz.


So the China baseball team started bean ball war with the US after a guy slide in at home plate? I'm pretty sure that in the rules. Hopefully I can get some highlights of this later. But the Chinese manager is a Benedict Arnold.

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