Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Google street view at it again.

A while back I posted this picture of a women stuck in a car captured by google street view. Now in Australia we have this picture.

A man who fell asleep in a drunken stupor on the grass outside his home was horrified to find his embarrassment posted on the internet.

He had been drowning his sorrows over the death of a friend and collapsed after climbing out of a taxi.

As he slept off his excesses, a car-mounted video camera passed by to record pictures of the street for Google's StreetView website.

Within days a photographic record of the neighbourhood and its unusual presence was available for worldwide viewing.

The new Google service has been at the centre of controversy over claims it represents a breach of privacy.

But the latest victim, who gave his name only as 'Bill', is not planning an official complaint.

'I'm not too happy about it' said Bill.

Really Bill, not too happy about it. The whole world now knows you are a drunk that can pass out anywhere. But good for you.

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