Monday, August 4, 2008

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City sinks its teeth into Beaver Festival

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Martinez plans to celebrate its most famous - or notorious - residents today with its first Beaver Festival, a tribute to the busy critters that have won the hearts of animal lovers but given headaches to public works crews.

Tours of the beavers' lodge and dams on Alhambra Creek, along with children's activities, a bluegrass band, raffles and other festivities will be held downtown along the creek.

The celebrity beavers took up residence there about two years ago and then proceeded to chew through $10 million of flood-control work.

So this weekend I went to my own Beaver Festival. I went down to Newport for their annual Folk Festival. It was pretty much a shit show to try and get down there. Cars not starting, rental cars not there, the smallest back seat in the world, but we finally did make it to Newport. Once we got there and was ready to go to the show. It fucking rained. Like hardcore rain. Sideways shit. So we set up fort at a bar until it past. Once it passed we were finally ready to take the water taxi over to the festival. However, not quite yet. We needed to make one more stop for tampons. Which resulted in missing the only band I wanted to see.

I would have to say Newport Rhode Island is the beaver capital of the world. The place is just filled with hot chicks. Every where you go there is a bachelorette party. Where ever there are hot chicks, douchebags are usually not far behind. Like a pack of howling hyenas. However, Newport is not overwhelmed with douche. Most of the 'bags', are the preppiebags. Which only slightly send me into rage. There not like their counterparts, like the guidobags or the tribal tattoo bags.

Overall, getting there was a pain in the ass, and so was the weather but its always fun to get out of the city.

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