Thursday, August 7, 2008

Talk about a bad day

Man tries to attack family with chainsaw and Weedeater

If at first you don't succeed try, try again. That's usually a positive piece of advice, but it's something a Salt Lake man should have avoided after an argument.

Last Saturday, Robert Craft was a little ticked off and slapped his 11-year-old daughter.

"It appears that there was an adult son who was present, who tried to step in and intervene in the situation," said Deputy District Attorney Alicia Cook.

Cook says that made Craft angrier, so he pulled out a chainsaw. But he couldn't get it started, so he tossed it and tried starting a weed eater.

No luck there. He even tried hitting his wife with his car, but she got out of the way. Craft now faces felony assault charges and assault in front of a minor.

This guy's family was pissing him off, so he tries to set them straight with a chainsaw. Stupid thing wouldn't start. Then tries a weed wacker, still nothing. Then tries to run them over with a car. No dice. I think in hindsight he should have thrown the chainsaw or weed wacker. He probably could have done some damage with one of them. Or at least bought them with the electric start option.

But really now, who attacks someone with a weed wacker? I've hit myself with a weed wacker before, it hurts like hell for a little bit, but its no chain saw.

Possible better garden tool alternatives for inflicting pain to your family:
  • spade
  • pruning saw
  • shovel
  • hedge shears
  • rake
  • hammer
  • nail gun
  • power drill
  • wet vac (have you ever smelled the water in these things if you let them sit)
  • pry bar
  • circular saw
  • axe

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