Friday, August 1, 2008

Headline of the day

Master Bait & Tackle and Tiki Bar Cafe hit by burglars

Cindy Thurber, the owner of the Tiki Bar Cafe, is determined to strike back at the criminals who burglarized her Bonita Beach Road restaurant over the weekend.
Tiki Bar Cafe and Master Bait & Tackle were both hit by burglars early Saturday and Sunday mornings. “They took a cash register, my laptop and a safe with about $600 in it,” Thurber said Wednesday. “I was in the military for 6-1/2 years. They don’t know who they’re (expletive) with.” She took her first shot at the criminals earlier this week when she changed the words on the marquee in front of her restaurant to: “Don’t rob, get a job.” According to Collier County Sheriff’s Office reports, the burglary at the Tiki Bar Cafe took place sometime late Saturday or early Sunday morning.

What a cool place. A master bait and a tiki bar all in one spot. Must be very popular, that is probably why it got robbed. From the quote of the owner. "They don’t know who they’re (expletive) with.” It sounds like he doesn't liked getting dicked around.

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