Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Enough with Bigfoot what about the Montauk creature

So the redneck Bigfoot hunters from Georgia turned out to be nothing more than hoaxers. Which is not a surprise to me. It also looks like one of them is losing there job because of it. So some good did come out of it. But what about that strange thing that washed up on the beach on Long Island? Nobody has really identified it yet. Most think that it is maybe a raccoon or dog, but I possibly have a different scenario.
Plum Island Disease Research Center is located off the tip of Long Island. Their they study a bunch of different animal disease and develop different animal vaccines.

They do some heavy duty research there. They list that they do some BSL-3 level work. Which is some bad new agents. But I wouldn't be surprised if they also did some BSL-4 work there to. Which is usually selective agents that in small amounts can kill. For example something like anthrax.

Why do I think this? A few years ago The Department of Homeland Security was sent there to secure the island. And is now in charge of security.

Seems a little much for what is supposedly to be veterinarians and scientist working on animal vaccines. What I also find interesting is that any animal that happens to swim to the island is killed instantly. I can't confirm this, but I have heard plenty of rumors that Lyme disease originate from Plum Island. Lyme Connecticut is just North of Plum Island.
Now on to the Montauk creature. Plum Island and Montauk are not too far apart. Its very conceivable that a animal got loose went into the water and drowned. Then let the current take it to Montauk. As you can see in the picture at the top, the Montauk creature has something tied around its leg. Was this a possible restraint that this animal broke free from? I am not sure.

Now this is just a possible explanation. I can't prove that they are doing any mad genetic testing at Plum Island. Like creating a monkey with 4 asses. But since no one has been able to identify what actually washed up on the shore, maybe its something man made. Or at least man altered.

But Montauk itself has its own skeletons, some really dark stuff use to go on their. But that's for another day.

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