Friday, August 22, 2008

Dumb ass of the day

Mail Online---This is the amazing scene of a burglar hanging upside down that greeted home owner Paul Ives when he returned home from work.

Thief John Pearce had got his foot caught after smashing his way through the glass and was left hanging upside down for more than an hour, unable to move.

Eventually, he was freed when Mr Ives called police and paramedics who managed to release Pearce's shoe and hauled him down.

He told the householder that he had spotted someone else trying to raid the house and had decided to stop him.

"I was stopping the burglars," he told Paul.

At this point a small crowd of onlookers gathered and began to mock the intruder
while others took pictures.

Paul said: "He was hanging upside down. His body was inside the house and he was stuck in the window with his foot outside.

"The more he struggled, the more he got jammed. When I got home, he still had the hammer in his hand which he had used to smash the main window and get some level.

This just shows crime never pays. But sometimes you also just have horrible luck.

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