Friday, August 1, 2008

Old man banned from running up escalators the wrong way

Stair Crazy: How an 80-year-old man has been BANNED from running up a department store down escalator

Anyone who went into Elphicks department store in Farnham, Surrey, last week, just behind the matching pan sets and gleaming cooking utensils, and to the right of the tea towels, would have seen Peter Hildreth limbering up-flexing his muscles, taking a couple of deep breaths, smoothing down his neat beige trousers and checking no one was looking.

Then suddenly, legs going like pistons and thin hands grabbing at the black rubber rail, he hurled himself up the escalator as fast as he could.

Which may not sound so very strange. But it was the 'down' escalator. And Peter is 80 years old.

This story gives me a chance to post one of my all time FAVORITE videos. Old man falling UP an escalator. No matter how many times I watch this thing, I die laughing. Aren't old people just funny to begin with.

I'm always hoping that he would come down from the other side.

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