Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Irony is a bitch

Pickup thief loses truck to carjacker

Monday, August 4, 2008

A pickup truck thief lost his purloined Chevy Silverado to an armed carjacker during a 7-Eleven stop.

Police Cmdr. Kelly McMillin says "you couldn’t make up something stranger than this."

Thirty-three-year-old Edward Bishop told police he stole the pickup Saturday then, while sitting outside a convenience store, a man with a gun hopped in and ordered him to start driving.

The pickup ran out of gas and the gunman ordered Bishop to get out and push, but Bishop ran away and called police.

Police spotted the pickup on Sunday and 34-year-old Jomo Sexton was arrested after a brief chase and crash.

So a guy steals a truck, then gets carjacked. He is forced to drive the truck until it runs out of gas, then he is forced to push the truck. Then he called the police on himself. The moral of the story is that Karma will get you everytime, and Big Oil always wins.

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