Friday, August 1, 2008

Chelmsford lays the smack down on Girls Gone Wild

Gone ... before they could get wild in Chelmsford

CHELMSFORD -- Riding in the rolling billboard, the camera crew for Girls Gone Wild tours the country in search of "the hottest young coeds."

On Sunday, Aug. 10, the Girls Gone Wild bus was scheduled to land at the Big Kahuna Bar & Grill. But club management pulled the plug on the event yesterday when town officials began asking questions.

"I think it would be subject to adult-entertainment laws," said Selectmen Chairman Philip Eliopoulos. "If they're selling tickets to see nudity being filmed in a vehicle, in a parking lot, that is not covered by their entertainment license."

Eliopoulos said police could have the authority to shut down the club and issue fines to club owners and people on the bus.

First Mtv shows, now Girls Gone Wild. Seems Chelmsford got a lot cooler since I left. Fuck they even have a secret nuclear bunker. But this really could have put Chelmsford on the map. Instead they royally dropped the ball. I may have even come home to see the shenanigans of prude Chelmsford girls getting naughty. Fuck, I probably would have bought the VIP pass. Even if it was some butterface asking if she held her top up long enough. I still would have liked to see the bus.

Its not like there are many places in Chelmsford where you could hold a event like this, but outside of a Golds Gym seems a little odd. I have only been to that bar inside that place once. And I would have to say there was some serious talent working in there. Its estimated that Joe Francis (owner of GGW) rakes in 29 million per year. I am sure the GGW bus has some sort of hot chick radar, that was probably developed by the military.

And who is the Philp Eliopoulos fellow? He is obviously not thinking about the public. If he was smart he would try and make this into a bigger event , and try and raise money for the town. But no, girls that take their tops off must frightening him. But instead the bus probably went about 24 feet into Lowell, where they were welcomed with open arms.

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