Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chumpsford Reality

So yesterday I caught the second episode of Mtv's 'Made' that was filmed in my High School. And for whoever left a comment last time I talked about show Made, and didn't know what it was. Its called google. Try it out, I use it all the time.

A couple observations that I made from both episodes. It seems not much as changed in good ol CHS. The girls still don't put out, the guys are still in to themselves, and Swiss is still fat as hell. But I wonder why Mtv picked CHS to do 2 episodes of Made? No other school have they done 2 episodes at. Did they find the hot spot for kids that need desperate help? Are they just trying to make fun of us? Who knows.

I think if I was still at CHS, and needed to be 'Made', I think I would have went the route of Pro Bass Fisherman. Which would be sort-of ironic, because bass fishing is like Nascar and only Rednecks get it. And me and Rednecks don't interact to well.

But my main point is, what if Mtv didn't use CHS kids as testrats for their Made show. What if they did something like Laguna beach or Two-A-Days. Where they would follow around a group of cool kids and see what they did. Like on Laguna Beach, a group of friends would all go out for dinner together at a fancy restaurant. While in CHS version a group of kids would built a fire in the middle of the woods and drink Molson Ice. I think it would be hilarious watching the camera crew try and follow the kids when the cops come to break up the party, and everybody scatters in the woods like buck shot.

If this happened when I was at CHS, I know I wouldn't be on the show. I was not, and still not cool. However, my name would probably be mentioned all the time, because everybody just used me to party at my house. I wonder what Mtv would have called the show? Fish & Game?

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