Monday, July 14, 2008

Sharks found in the middle of no where

Make it stop. Please. I had enough of these stupid fish. But I can not ignore this lasted report out of Georgia that there are toothless sharks that are turning up in ditches on the sides of roads. What are they doing lying next to the side of the road? I can understand the swimming pools, but this is now ridiculous.

State wildlife officials will try to learn Monday how a pile of dead sharks wound up on a rural Spalding County road.Drivers spotted the six sharks Sunday afternoon on the side of Minter Road near Griffin. Wildlife officials said it appears the sharks died recently.Griffin residents said they couldn’t believe their eyes."I thought they looked like sharks, but I can't freaking believe it," said resident Kara Davel. "I think it’s disgusting. People actually dump a lot of trash on this road."

There shouldn't be to much to fear from these sharks, as mentioned above they are toothless.

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