Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Picture of the day

I wanted to get up a hour early this morning so I can get to some work done, because I wanted to take a half day. What happened instead is that I woke up when my alarm said 5:30, but after going into my living room and noticing that there was some chick sleeping on my couch, I realized it was actually 4:30. How this happened I have no idea. Or who the hell the chick was. But it got me to work early, and I finished everything that I needed to do. So since I am good mood now, and in a few hours I will be heading to my friends Slush's house, I thought I throw out some props to Slush. He will have to deal with my drunk ass for the next few days. Here are some slutty Bridgewater State Cheerleaders. Slush is a BWS alum.

Look at this douche, probably watching the sun set.

Don Chavez w/ the pics

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