Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dumb ass of the day

So my vacation is officially over. Its was a lot of fun. Weather over the 4th could have been better, but nothing some alcohol couldn't wash away. Yesterday I spend the hot afternoon fishing in the Charles, and wouldn't you know the first two sons-of-bitches that came up to me asked if there were fish in there. Mother fuckers.

I am feeling that on vacation I was sort-of out of the loop on current events, so today I was reading the Herald, and stumbled upon this story.

The victim of a brutal rape in Somerville was able to convince her dim-witted alleged attacker to give her his phone number, which police then used to identify the thug, law enforcement sources told the Herald yesterday.

Somerville police Chief Anthony Holloway said the assault victim gave officers “crucial” information leading to the arrest of Michael K. Mahoney, who was charged yesterday with beating and raping the woman. But Holloway offered no further details.

Mahoney, 25, confronted the woman near Tufts University where she was walking early Sunday morning, police said. Then he forced her behind a nearby house and raped her.

At some point, however, the woman was able to convince Mahoney to give her his phone number, police said. Investigators were then able to track down Mahoney using those digits, according to law enforcement officials.

Mahoney, of Somerville, is charged with three counts of aggravated rape and kidnapping.

Now this guy must be retardly dumb. He rapes a girl then probably thinks he was sort-of good at it, and give the chick his digits. Like seriously, your short and fat and probably haven't had sex in a LONG time, you are not good at it.

I am wondering how that conversation went down. Thanks for the rape, can I call you sometime and maybe we can do it again. Moron.

I found this odd as well. I am wondering if this is a misprint, or else this guys is really sick. After a certain age you should not bite your moms breast.

Mahoney, who is 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs around 245 pounds, pushed his mother and bit her “in the breast area,” according to court documents. The fight allegedly started over hockey and baseball cards that Mahoney, then unemployed, was supposed to sell to repay his mother for money he had borrowed.

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