Friday, July 18, 2008

Today is the Oak Bluff Monster Shark Tournament

EDGARTOWN, Mass.Dozens of fishermen are getting ready for a shark tournament off Martha's Vineyard despite protests from animal rights activists.

Organizer Steven James said about 200 boats will head out Friday and Saturday angling for mako, thresher and porbeagle sharks.

The Humane Society of the United States has criticized the tournament as cruel and says the laws protecting sharks aren't strict enough. Town selectmen also have banned the fishermen from using public land to stage the tournament.

James said 24 sharks were caught last year in a tournament with 262 boats. He said the Humane Society is on an "antifishing jihad."

The annual tournament is today and tomorrow. I always thought it was funny that they have it off the location where Jaws was filmed. Even though I have been a one man info commerical about the amount of white sharks off the coast, not one will be caught. They are actually a protected fish, making it illegal to catch one. It is possible that one might get hooked. But you would never know about it, unless it happened on one of the boats with the ESPN crew. What I think people are forgetting is what happened at last years tournament. I giant tiger shark was caught. As seen in the picture. This was a scientific break through. No one had any idea that we had tiger sharks in our waters. Most scientist say that it was just a anomaly. Which I sort-of agree with, but you just never know. I would probably say that tiger sharks are more dangerous than white sharks. They enjoy that same shallow water that we do, and have veracious appetites.
But by far the most dangerous sharks are the ones with laser beams attached to their heads. Fortunately for us, its tough for the lasers to work underwater. But the sharks have adapted. Instead of lasers they have been using blow darts. As seen in this picture.

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