Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good news, White Sharks are now in fresh water lakes

If you haven't guessed I have a thing for big fish. Specially white sharks. And I have been saying for a while that there are a ton of white sharks off the coast of Massachusetts. Now today I found this article coming out of Australia.

A LARGE great white shark has been sighted in a lake on the New South Wales Central Coast, prompting warnings for people to take caution in surrounding waterways.

A commercial fisherman snagged the beast this morning while casting nets off Canton Beach, on the north side of Tuggerah Lake, which opens into the Pacific Ocean at The Entrance.

A police statement said the man was forced to release his nets when the full-grown white shark, estimated to be up to seven metres long, became entangled in them.

NSW Police are working with Wyong Council, Surf Life Saving Australia, coastal patrols and the NSW Fisheries Department to monitor the area.

Police said people should take caution when using the interconnected waterways of Tuggerah Lake, Budgewoi Lake, Lake Munmorah and the Entrance Channel.

No one was injured during today's incident.

What people don't know is that Jaws the movie was based on a true story. In 1916 a shark terrorized a small New Jersey town. In a span of 10 days there were 5 attacks and 4 deaths. 2 of these attacks happened in Matawan creek. A small brackish creek that is no more than 15 feet across. Here is a picture of the creek.

Now it can never be proven that a white shark entered the creek to kill the two boys, but a 8ft white shark was killed in the bay shortly after with the shin bone of a human inside of it. This could have been from one of the other attacks. But white sharks do enter shallow water from time to time. As an example here is a video of a 14ft white shark that got stuck in a estuary on Cape Cod a few years ago. The picture at the top is from the same shark.

Now back to the story above, a seven meter shark in a lake is freaking huge. How can there not be any pictures of this? I'm sure there is, because this story is all over Australian news. I'm sure I will have one soon.

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