Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dumb ass of the day

Wow, this guy is really super dumb.

Driver abuses speed limit and himself

A TERRITORY man filmed himself speeding at 150km/h while masturbating at the wheel of his drug-laden car, a court heard.

His Holden SV6 was allegedly laden with 5kg of drugs, including two cannabis plants resting on the back seat, the court was told. Brendon Alan Erhardt, 39, was granted bail so he could marry his girlfriend of six months before he goes to jail. Prosecutor Sergeant Melinda Edwards said in court the father-of-three told police he "had masturbated while driving'' just before he was stopped for speeding on the 130km/h stretch of the Stuart Hwy. "(He) also video recorded himself masturbating while travelling at a speed of 150km/h.'' Sgt Edwards said Mr Erhardt -- who was disqualified from driving -- also told officers his act was "not dangerous'' as the "only person he could hurt was himself''. Darwin Magistrates Court heard Mr Erhardt was stopped by NT police 25km south of Daly Waters on July 16 for allegedly speeding at 147km/h on his way home from Adelaide. Police noticed he was "visibly agitated'', and when they told him they were going to search his Holden sedan, he said "go right ahead'', Sgt Edwards said. It is alleged that officers found 4.96kg of cannabis hidden in a blue esky in the boot, two cannabis plants on the back seat, two drug pipes and a loaded .22 rifle.

So I get the whole video taping yourself speeding thing. If you go on youtube, you can find pro athletes that do that. I get having the drugs in the car, because how else are you going to move drugs. But seriously, masturbating in the car, and filming it? I once thought driving and masturbating, but deemed it was impossible. To many distractions. The last thing I want when I am doing that is a kid in the back of a mini-van staring at me, asking his mom what I am doing. Bonus this guy had pot plants in the back seat as a audience.

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