Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stephenville Texas Radar date

The Stephenville UFO case is one of my all time favorite. The footage is just outstanding and is totally unique. It is also one of the most believable cases. You have numerous eyewitnesses and video evidence that matches up with eyewitness accounts. Now MUFON releases radar reports from that night, that confirms that something was in the sky. The 77 page report can be seen here.

For anyone that hasn't seen the footage this is it. Here is the video shot by a redneck.

So what does this radar data mean? It confirms that what people saw in the sky that night was there, and exactly where people reported it. There was a military response to what every was in the sky. F-10s are confirmed to have scrambled in response. What ever was in the sky also happened to be in restricted air space. Bush has a ranch in near by Crawford Texas. There is a 6 mile no fly zone at anytime around Crawford, and 20 if he is there. It can't be confirmed, but Bush is reported was not there at the time of the incident.

Skeptics are always asking for proof. Well this is pretty good evidence. Witnesses are creditable. The video is clear enough, and radar data supports that something was there. The only thing missing is acknowledgement by the government that there was something there.

On Friday's Larry King Live this was the topic. Its a good watch. Here is part 1, you can do the leg work if you want to watch parts 2-4. And no, I was not the guy from Chelmsford that called in with the question.

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