Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whats up with the Denver Airport?

The Denver International Airport (DIA) is just one of those things that I know there is something wrong, but I just can't put my finger on it. Everything about the place is just sinister. I think there is something underneath the airport, but what, I do not know.

First the history. It was built back in 1995 on 53 sq miles. There was never a reason giving why the airport was built, because Denver already had a perfectly fine airport to begin with (Stapleton). The really only complaints about the old airport were that it was noisey. Which airport isn't loud? DIA actually has fewer runways than the old airport. It just has more free space. The originally budget was set at 1.7 billion. The final budget was over 3 billion more. It also was built in the middle of no where.

The area where they build it was mostly flat land between mountains. However, they moved 110 million cubic yards of dirt around. Why did they move so much dirt around? Because the original design called for 5 large building. After construction they said the designs were all wrong. Instead of destroying the buildings, they buried them.

The amount of fiber optics wire used, is longer than the Nile River. The internal jet fuel capacity is 2.73 million gallons. This is enough for a couple of airports. The granite that was used on the floors was shipped from all over the world. Seems extensive for a project that was 3 billion over budget. There is 19 miles of underground roads. The roof of the DIA is made out of 15 acres of teflon coated woven fiber glass. It reflects 90% of the sun and does not give off heat signatures. This makes it impossible to see inside with radar. Check out the design of the runways, what do you think they look like.

That's the construction. Now inside. The really creepy things in there are the murals. Full of death, slaughter, and genocide. Not really the best thing for nervous fliers.

Above is suppose to be one giant mural. I did my best trying to put the two together. On the right side you have kids from all over the world giving weapons to a German boy who is turning the weapons into something else. All over the body of a dead solider. On the left hand side you have a Nazi looking solider with a sword that swiped through a city and is stabbing a white dove.
The sword is about to strike the children that are trying to sleep. Strange.
Another mural. However, I have been told this one has been recently painted over. I guess people complained it was too racist. This one depicts cities burning in the background. With coffees of a white, Indian, and black person in the front. Around the coffin you have wildlife and a mix culture of people. One thing to note about this picture is the Mayan girl holding the tablet which translates into the world will end in 2012.

Why would someone paint stuff like this? I am not sure. The artist is a famous Chicano painter.
Some info about him can be read here. Then you have this capstone. Some say this is Masonic symbolism. I don't really see any free mason connection, but I will say its there. What is strange is the New World Airport Commission. There is no, or has ever been any New World Airport Commission. Why would they say that there is?

There are gargoyles throughout the airport.Dzit Dit GaII is written on the floor. Translation, White Mountain.

Other interesting items:
  • The Queen of England has reportedly been buying up property in Colorado under a proxy.
  • This part of the terminal is called The Great Hall, which is known in Masonic lingo as their meeting hall.
  • It was build on Native American burial grounds, and there has been reported ghost sightings.
  • Phil Schneider, one of the government's most famous whistle blowers said that there was a base underneath the airport. Shortly before he was murdered.
To sum it up. You have a airport build for no solid reason. In the middle of no where, and a vast amount of land surrounding it. There are underground buildings and tunnels that the public can not see. You have the structure made out of radar proof material. Inside the building there are clues about genocide and the rebirth of man kind through destruction. Hmmm....Maybe I am just paranoid but I really think this airport is more than an airport.


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Anonymous said...

The capstone you mention displays the symbol of the Masons--that compass and ruler with a "G" in the middle is their most well-known symbol.