Thursday, July 17, 2008

Next Blog

As you can probably tell theLucky has made some format changes. I had theLucky's IT staff up late into the night adding My Blog list to the right hand side. Only have a couple there now, but more will come. Added Crazy Hat Girl food blog to the list. I can already tell she is a better cook than my roommate. Who is a cook.

Also on the list is HCWDB, if you have not check out this site. Than you are stupid. By far the best thing on the internet.

As a blogger I am always reading other peoples blogs. I like to try and have my finger on the pulse of the blog community. My blog started off as one thing and has detoured into something else. That is why I refer to it as my Blob instead of a blog. Because it is keeps growing out of control.

I am always hitting the Next Blog icon on the top of the screen to read what other people are writing about. Most of them are cute fuzzy stuff. Like blogs about families or a trip through Europe. Which are cool. I enjoy looking at the pictures, and seeing how other people live their lives. But I don't spend much time reading them. I find that all the blogs that I want to read are in a different languages. Blogger needs to get some application that can translate peoples language into your own. Even if the grammar and language doesn't exactly match, we could at least get a clue of what they are trying to say. And plus there could be some funny slang translation that could make me laugh.

When I click Next Blog I sometime find that some blogs are god awful. I have actually see blogs dedicated to pot holders and another one on bird feeders. The pot holder blog had about 2 years worth of entries all on pot holders. Seriously, I would like to met this person and buy them a cup of coffee, because they need to wake up.

Then you have the blogs when you go to them and music starts playing. This isn't Myspace. I don't want to hear your crappy song, and neither does the world wide web. Even if your blog is a band site. Save it. There is nothing that gets me to click Next Blog faster than when I hear a song pop up. Well maybe some NSFW items, when I am at work.

But the worst blogs are the ones that don't have the Next Blog icon at the top. You people suck. I want to quickly scan through blogs then I get to your shitty blog, and have to click backspace then Next Blog again. Your blog is not the ultimate blog where the whole internet needs to stop and take a look. This drives me insane and I am sure others as well. As you can tell by this video of a guy who just realizes that he stumbled upon a blog without the Next Blog icon, and that has music playing.

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