Thursday, July 24, 2008

Police ticket car with dead person sitting in it

The vehicle was parked in an industrial area near Pico Rivera. There are no signs of foul play and the identity of the dead man, in his 70s, has not been released.
An elderly man was found dead late Tuesday in a parked car that had been ticketed earlier in the day on a street in an unincorporated industrial area near Pico Rivera.

A passerby noticed the man in the driver's seat of the black Lincoln Town Car near Peck and Rooks roads about 7:50 p.m. and notified employees at a nearby truck shop.

A maintenance worker from the shop who went to investigate said a parking ticket on the car was marked as being written about 11 a.m., said Chantelle Amaya, assistant manager at L.A. Freightliner. "The poor man was out there all day," Amaya said. Amaya said workers at the shop called for help after knocking on the window of the locked car and getting no response. Authorities were not immediately able to say whether the man was in his car at the time the ticket was issued or if he had returned to it later. Street signs forbid parking on that side of the street from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesdays to allow street cleaning, and overnight parking is prohibited.

This story once again proves my point. The only requisite you need to be a police officer is the ability to taser someone. Why? Because this same thing happened to me. Well not with the dead person.

In a one year span my car was stolen three times. All from the exact same spot, and all on Tuesday nights. My car was parked right next to the State House. There are cameras pointing at directly where my car was stolen from, and each time I suggested that maybe someone should look at the video tape to see the guy breaking into it. I wasn't trying to show anyone up, or try and be Colombo or Magnum P.I. I was just thinking that my car keeps getting stolen and its freaking annoying. But the great minds at the Boston Police department shrug their shoulders at my idea, and said that the State House is the State Police jurisdiction. And they couldn't call over since they were too busy to solving crimes.

This gets me back to the ticket on the car. The first time my car was stolen is was recovered in Everett. Whoever stole the car took all four tires. So the car had a broken steering column and was on 4 cinder blocks. What do the fine police in Everett do? Instead of investigating why a car was missing tires and had a broken steering column they decide to ticket my car for being parked to far away from the curb. A $10 ticket.

Whenever I tell people this story they laugh. Obviously, since it is a funny story. But in all honesty, this is scary shit. These are the people that are paid to protect and serve you, and direct traffic when there is any minor construction project on any road. But most police officers are knuckleheads, and they only became a officer because they couldn't do anything else.

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