Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight review

Yesterday I went and saw the new Batman. I would have to say it was a pretty intense movie. Probably give it 4 out 4 Lucks. Now even though that's the highest rating I could possibly give, there was some slow parts. Or maybe because I had a large dunkin donuts coffee before the movie, and a large blue raspberry ICE in the movie. Because of these beverages I desperately needed to take a leak and wanted the movie to move faster.

Instead of listing what I did and didn't like and creating some spoilers for people that didn't see it. I found this chart that I would say accurately depicts the high and low points to the movie.

Just two spoilers, as you can tell there were two zeros on the charts. The room radar was retarded. Even for Batman. And the end. Batman narrowly escaping police dogs. Come on, think of something better than that.

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