Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic eating guide

So I have been slacking on my non-stop Olympic coverage. Its actually been non-existence. The man has been keeping theLucky down this week. From my previous entry that dealt with helpful Chinese signs for tourist. I now created a list of helpful of places to eat, or food to try for Olympians or people traveling to see the Olympics. Because you don't want to get stuck eating dog or cat.

Try the coffee when there, it will make you smell and taste better. It is brewed from the water of the fountain of youth.

Impossible to miss the Wong Way Restaurant.
Small red idiot is delicious. Be careful of big green dumb ass, will cause diarrhea.
Sign outside of Chinese brothel. You get to have sex with a animal, and then they cook it.
Yummm! Hot crap.

Cow something, ohhhh how mysteries?

If you are in a hurry just swing by the Fuck Lee story for something quick.
Supposedly the secret sauce is made by Sum Yung Guy.

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